Wordful Wednesday: Florida Vacation Issue I

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I’ve been meaning to blog about our family vacation in SW Florida for a few weeks now.  I’ve procrastinated and procrastinated because I have so many pictures that it’s almost overwhelming for me to try to divide the photos into categories, and then pick the best of the lot for display.

To that end, I’ve chosen my favorite TEN photos for today’s post from just a few minutes of our vacation.

So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

These pictures were taken at Lory Landing in Busch Garden, Tampa.  Such a cool place to take the kids.  Within Lory Landing, for a mere 5 bucks (I’m being facetious here) one can buy nectar which the Lorikeet’s LOVE.  They swoop down and start slurping up the nectar like they’ve never eaten before.  The free-flight observational environment also has hornbills, pheasants and other birds that I wouldn’t know the name of to save my life.

My kids LOVED it.  Loved it.

So did Jeff and I, really.

And the nectar?  Totally worth it, even if it was highway robbery.

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  1. 3


    Ok, so the birds are cool and all but there is no way I would hold that nectar.

    Bird flying at me or around me totally freaks me out.

    Awesome pictures. 🙂

  2. 5


    I totally don’t have my post ready……but I wanted to comment that the birds…would totally freak me out. I’m not gonna lie. 🙂 Very cool that the kids enjoyed it though! I would be hiding….outside of the bird area.

    PS: I started a Meme…..it didn’t start with a bang……but I think it might have potential. Apparently, no one cares about my wanting to protect Justin Bieber from the potential pitfalls of stardom. Who knew? And I want to add, that if you’re little cuties became the next big thing – they would totally be ok because they’d have you keeping them straight. And their big sisters to beat them up…..

  3. 37


    You can do that in San Francisco. Except the birds are pigeons and the nectar is bird seed you buy from this homeless looking person w/ poop all over her clothes. I think it was cheaper than $5. lol.

    Looks like the kids LOVED it. So that’s worth $5.

  4. 39


    Isn’t it awful how much the nectar costs? But yes, it is totally worth it. I love the brightness of the colors you captured. Great photos.

  5. 41


    We took the boys to the LB Aquarium and they have a Lorikeet enclosure, and OMG it was so much fun!
    The smiles on your kids face just tells the story!

  6. 42


    Did y’all stay in the Tampa area, or did you go farther South? I’m in North Fla…and must say, I love the Tampa/St. Pete area. Gorgeous beaches!

    I have never heard of Lory Landing, but your pictures are gorgeous! How fun!

  7. 63


    LOL – cool pix and I didn’t know about that bird-feeding option at Busch Gardens (and I live in FL!). Similar highway robbery deal at Sea World with feeding dolphins, though – you can stand there for free – a LONG WAY away from the dolphins or buy about 25 cents worth of fish for $7 and stand closer and actually feed the dolphins. Guess what we chose?!

  8. 89


    wow! my younger kids would love that too-my oldest doesn’t like birds-looks like alot of fun-FL always sounds so nice by this time each winter

  9. 115


    we have Lorikeet Landing at our zoo here in Nashville and u can buy the nectar for like $1 to feed them, they are crazy birds. my girlfriend got pooped on once while we were in there 🙂

  10. 120


    I have a total bird phobia, so I totally have the chills now. It’s also the excuse I’m using for why I somehow ended up with two links in your linky, SORRY about that! I have no idea what I did.

  11. 122


    Those birds are just beautiful! I’d love that. Not sure about my daughter, she’s still pretty young, but she’d love looking at them. I’ve been to FL about 50 times, but I’ve never went to Busch Gardens. We used to go to Cypress Gardens all the time (totally different), but I hear now that they closed it and are building a Legoland or something there 🙁

  12. 132


    Ohmygoodness friend! Ohmygoodness! The pictures! The colors! The nectar! The birds! On your heads!! Looks fab and for the record: I so would have chosen (at least!) ten pictures to share, too! 🙂

  13. 155


    #25 Twins on the Beach.Etherial, excellent smmeytry with twins holding hands, pushed exposure, subtle pastel colors, the obvious breeze adds movement.. everything about that shot is good – and the little ones are gorgeous. That one is a keeper.

  14. 156


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  15. 157


    This picture must be taken from almsot exactly the same spot as where I took one some 20 years ago you just managed to capture the colours so much better! Also, I think my Nikon froze up before I had made all the adjustments i would have liked to do .

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