Wordful Wednesday-Emma

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My second child just turned SEVEN. Seven. Seven. Seven. Silly Seven.

This post is about Emma. But it’s also about me, because I swear I just blinked and almost a fifth of my life whizzed by.

And that makes me sad….yet happy at the same time. I’ve enjoyed watching Emma grow and develop more than words can express. It’s been a wonderfully happy fifth of my life.

Thank goodness for memories. Family gathered together. Incredibly sweet, loving children… and SIL’s willing to make the birthday cake to exact specifications so that mom doesn’t have to.


  1. 4

    jori-o says

    She is so beautiful! Seriously, Angie, your kids are all gorgeous. And the rainbow cake—ahhh, what a good mommy you are! Happy birthday Emma!

  2. 9

    jenn says

    Wow, seven! I want the time to go very slowly between now and the time my baby turns seven. Unfortunately, I can already see that it speeds by. I blinked and two and a half years are gone.

    Emma is beautiful. Happy Birthday Emma!

  3. 13

    Lindsay says

    Happy Birthday!! How sweet – and really – I know what you mean. Time literally does fly after you have kids.

  4. 16

    scrappysue says

    i know how you feel! my ‘baby’ (first one!) is TWENTY this year – twenty!!! and yet i’m still so young lol

  5. 17

    Robin says

    Happy birthday Emma!

    Mine is turning eight in a few weeks. When I actually think about it, I’m stunned speechless.

  6. 18

    Angela says

    My son turned 7 on the 15th and I just cried! I know everyone says they grow up so fast but it is so so so true!

  7. 19

    Mark and Kiss says

    Happy, Happy Birthday Emma!!! I love that sweet little girl. She looks so pleased in her pictures. Wow, are our babies that old? I am grateful for those seven years that we have been friends! Wish we lived in the same town again.

    Give that little girl big hugs and kisses from me!

  8. 25

    Hootin' Anni says

    What a sweet collage of the birthday girl!!!
    You have a rich life, with such wonderful children.

    My ‘two children’ are part of today’s blog for me…But, they’re the furry kind.

  9. 27

    Susie says

    Happy Birthday:-) So is so cute! I have one turning five next week!! Next week?? Yikes!! I have to get going on her birthday party!!!

  10. 30

    Debra says

    Oh it just goes so fast! My Emma tunrd 8 last month. How did THAT happen? Joseph will be 10 in June. I am NOT ready for double digit ages!!!


  11. 31

    Jen says

    who ever said that kids could grow up so fast was so wrong. I would like to tell them a thing or two.

    She is very cute, btw.

  12. 34

    Susie says

    Happy Birtday Emma! I love the rainbow cake–I used to have a shirt just like it when I was a kid.
    Congrats Mom! What a fantastic way to spend a fifth of your life.
    (Is it wrong that I feel comforted by the fact we are the same age?)

  13. 37

    annie kelleher says

    happy birthday to emma and congrats to you.. what a cute idea… this is my first time playing along!! please come check out my superawesome giveaway of 13 essential things to survive a long cold winter…

  14. 38

    Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says

    Happy Birthday, Emma! Isn’t it amazing how watching our children grow makes the passage of time so much more evident? Great picture collage!

    My Sweetpea will be turning 2 in just over a month, I’m starting to think about what I want to do for her little family party, and wondering where the time has gone!

  15. 43

    Kathleen says

    Happy Birthday Emma!

    It’s amazing how quick they grow up. Funny how when you’re a kid, time goes so slow, and then when you have kids yourself, it just flies by.

    Your sister in law’s cake is lovely too!

  16. 44

    Octamom says

    You know, I have a very handsome 7 year old boy at my house and if the next couple of seven year sets whiz by as fast as these have, maybe we should contact a match maker about these two…

    Just sayin….


  17. 45

    Deb says

    she’s just beautiful… happy birthday, miss emma. how is it the kids keep getting older but we stay so young?

  18. 50

    CanCan (MomMostTraveled) says

    what a great birthday! I can’t imagine my 4 year old being 7! 🙂

    I love Emma’s sweet birthday cake, what beautiful memories!

  19. 58

    Kacey R. says

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Emma! Cool cake too! I want one! 😀 Don’t the cake makers in our lives make things much easier for us? Gotta love ’em…

  20. 61

    Lee the MWOB Queen says

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl and she still IS little although you’re right – life is whizzing right by….enjoy the day!!

  21. 71

    Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) says

    Seven is such a great age. Old enough to do things on their own, yet young enough so they will do what you tell them to! Happy B day to Emma!

  22. 74

    Melissa says

    Funny, Hope turns 7 this year and I’ve been wondering how I could have a child that old. Yikes, where did the time go?

    Emma is such a little doll! Love the red hair!

  23. 79

    Lane says

    It’s always a bit sobering when you realize that as your kids get older, so do you.

    But, it’s always okay as long as the birthday cake is good!

    —Lane (Sneaky Daddy)

  24. 88

    Stacy's Random Thoughts says

    Awwww, Happy Birthday, Emma! 🙂 It definitely goes by in a flash – my Little Princess turned 6 a couple of months ago…seems like yesterday she was born! 😉

  25. 91

    ChefDruck says

    Happy birthday! Seven is a big year – my daughter just turned seven. I’m not sure when the age of reason is, but I really feel like we’ve hit it!

  26. 104

    Carrie says

    I love her birthday cake. That is just awesome. I love rainbows and always have since I was a little girl. Great times!

  27. 105

    ParentingPink says

    OH, she’s so cute! Love all the “pink” at her party! LOL

    Gonna join your WW next week – was featured on SITS this Wed, so couldn’t join in the fun! Glad I found your site!

  28. 106

    The Thompson's says

    Hey Angie,

    I just had to share something with you. As I sit here sick as a dog, barely able to move, and only able to sit at my computer long enough to check emails, these are the thoughts I have:

    First of all Im thinking if someones else would follow my blog and get me off of that 66 number it would sure make me feel better. I think its the longest I have ever been on any one number and probably has something to do with me not blogging much lately due to my illness. I know its not the other number, you know the one with another 6 at the end of it, but to me it might as well be.

    So I get one of your comments and I stop by (feeling bad enought that I havent been able to participate in your carnival) just to see how things are going for you and notice that our blog is now on your blog roll. It could have been there for weeks for all I know, but the important thing is that it is there. I am proud to be a daddy blogger, and even prouder to call you my friend.

    Anyway, so I didnt get my 67th follower, but I did see that on your blog and it did put a smile on my face. Thanks Ang, your the best!

    Love and Prayers,


  29. 107

    Jenners says

    Happy Birthday to your not-so-little girl! What a great cake! You were lucky to find someone “in house” to create it!

    And those were cute jeans in the earlier post (can you tell I’m trying to catch up from vacation). And I think you always look so cute! : )

    And I love the Peter Pan photos too!

  30. 110

    Halftime Lessons says

    Only 124 WW admirers?

    Could be your hair is driving people away.

    Just came by to drool near you.


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