Wordful Wednesday-Emerging Photographer

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way. More info. in my tabber box titled WW on the right. Thank you for playing along!

#1Β  (#1 as in OLDEST child) decided she wanted to be a photographer for her school newspaper.

#1 borrowed my camera and snapped away.

I think #1 has talent.

#1 has decided she doesn’t want to be a boring old photographer anymore.

I think she should re-consider.Β  Don’t you?

I have a bittersweet surprise to share with you next Wordful Wednesday, so be sure to stop back by, even if you are NOT linking up.


  1. 8


    Yes, she’s a wonderful photographer! My oldest took an interest for a while and then stopped. Granted, she’s 4…but I hope she starts photographing again.

  2. 23


    That second picture is absolutely beautiful. You are right to be proud! I’m sure she’ll come back around to this new hobby. Such talent won’t be ignored!

  3. 39


    Oh, I think #1 should definitely consider keeping up the photography BUT since kids’ minds work the way they do, no amount of us or you saying that will do the trick — let her discover that by herself! It may take more time but will pay off in the long run.

    Not sure how I feel about that “bittersweet” teaser. Guess I’ll know next Wednesday.

  4. 44


    yes ~ she should stick with the photography thing! it might start out as “boring” but it’s really fun! like a treasure hunt every day. tell her! πŸ™‚

    “bittersweet”? i’m so curious…

  5. 55


    I love this! Need to encourage my kids to keep working at their photography. They love to create scenes for ME to photograph, but I really should start teaching them how too. Great idea!

  6. 59


    I’m ALWAYS excited about people developing an interest in photography. I wish I would have discovered it much sooner in life. If so, perhaps I’d be better at it by now!

  7. 61


    I think she did a good job. Last year for Christmas we got Baby Girl a fairly inexpensive digital camera (under $100), but not one of the kid ones. It is a real camera. She loves it and takes pictures all the time. Some of them are pretty silly, but she still has fun and some of them are really good.

    FYI, I posted the wrong link the first time. I don’t know if it can be removed.

  8. 65


    I think it is wonderful when children learn to love photography. Your daughter’s pictures are lovely. My three year old has a camera which for a long time she used but not very well but recently everything has clicked into place and she takes very well framed photos and I find it so interesting to see what interests her. Stuffed animals and feet seem to feature quite prominently but she took a wonderful couple of photos of my husband snoozing, he totally unaware that he had been caught πŸ™‚

  9. 70


    I love handing the kids the camera.. just not MY camera.. ha! πŸ™‚

    I think it’s great that she changed her mind that quickly.. good practice for when she’s married right??

  10. 71


    I think she definitely has a talent. It is too bad she thinks it is boring LOL. Tell her about all the places some photographers get to go, maybe that will get back into it!


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