Wordful Wednesday-Dominos

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A little sibling companionship and a few dominos go a long way in entertaining my kids.

I love it when they play together. Especially if during that “play time” they actually ARE playing. {You know, as opposed to fighting or getting into other sorts of mischief.}

Can you hear the peace and quiet I somehow earned? {I say earned because it had to be more than luck, right?}


  1. 2

    ~Sandy~ says

    That's great they can play that long together without the domino's being thrown all over the place 🙂 it's nice when siblings come together like that. happy ww!

  2. 4

    It Feels Like Chaos says

    What a great kid activity! I think I need to wait a couple years on this one though, right now my 6 year old would be the only one able to line up the dominos and would freak out when his 2 younger sibs. knocked them over before he was ready!

  3. 6

    Lolli says

    Ahh! Maybe THAT is the answer to my problems. My post tonight was all about how I hope that my kids can move beyond the fighting 24/7 stage. 😉

  4. 9

    Genny says

    Actually playing…yes, it is SO sweet. I had to laugh because before school started, we had our share of sibling rivalry around here. I love when I can cath my kids playing, having fun, and just being kids together. So cute, Angie.

  5. 10

    Cecily R says

    What is it with dominos? My mom has a few sets at her house and there are times when they can entertain ALL of the grandkids and their various ages…who knew?

    Isn't it just blissful when they play and get along? I always feel sort of proud of myself and my awesome parenting when that happens…and then someone pokes someone and the other one draws on someone's face and my pride goes away. But for those few minutes….

  6. 11

    Momisodes says

    What fun! I loved doing this with my brother when we were kids. Something about that chain reaction is so amazing!

  7. 12

    Elaine A. says

    It is SO nice when they play without fighting. I think we'll be breakin' out the dominoes soon! Thanks for the idea!! : )

  8. 13

    A Family Completed... says

    I need to invest in a Domino set! I have a feeling it would turn into a fight in my house. One would end up doing all the work while the other would know them over early :/

  9. 17

    Dana says

    That looks like quite the intricate domino set up they've got going there. I don't think mine would ever be patient enough with each other for that kind of activity. You can rest assured that at my house, it wouldn't be quiet!

  10. 19

    Sara Elizabeth Bonds says

    How fun! It looks like they did a great job making nice, neat trails. I can hear the *ting* they make on hard wood floor from there.

  11. 21

    scrappysue says

    and you got 4 out of 5 playing together at the same time – peaceably!!! awesome – i still have my black dominoes from when i was a young girl!!!

  12. 22

    {Kiki} says

    I only have one kiddo and get no peace and quiet, well, excpet when he is in bed. Maybe I need to invest in some dominoes. Great pictures and thanks for sharing. Happy WW and take care.

  13. 25

    Milk and Honey Mommy says


    So all I need is a box of dominoes and I will get peace and quiet? The more dominoes, the longer it lasts? I'm going to Target tomorrow. I need a little peace and quiet!

  14. 32

    Sera says

    I think you DEFINITELY deserved some peace and quiet, and a lack of fighting and mischief, after the weekend you endured, lady! These pictures capture such sweet moments!

  15. 33

    Life with Kaishon says

    I used to love those when I was little! Definitely one of my favorite things to do with kids : ) I love how enthralled they are with it! Fabulous!

  16. 34

    Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish says

    Mine would have hidden the domino's in various locations in an attempt to have me hunt later. My earned silence would be their sneaking around. LOL

    So awesome to see them all playing together. Very heartwarming!!

  17. 36

    Buckeroomama says

    Wow, how many sets of dominoes do you have there?

    Yes, it is awesome when the siblings play well together. It just melts your heart. 🙂

  18. 40

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    Dude. The underwear.

    And I'm all over getting a set of dominoes.. I can hardly believe how much my kids luv luv lurve legos lately.. kinda sorta the same play huh?

  19. 45

    Jean Stockdale says

    Great post. Thanks for hosting! By the way, my 2 boys are grown up and married and have babies of their own. They eventually became great friends but it takes a while!! Take heart. Blessings.

  20. 67

    Kara @ His, Hers and Ours says

    Yeah…I don't ever remember NOT fighting when I was a kid, playing domino's with my siblings and my kids are the same way.

    Lucky you!! I'm sure it was enjoyed!

  21. 68

    SupahMommy says

    Oh how I loved me some dominoes as kids.

    I'm totally bustin them out for my kids in hopes that they leave me be for about 56 hours. 😉

    sweet pics.

  22. 73

    Live.Love.Eat says

    You definitely earned it! It's moments like that when you look over at the kids and take a deep breath and think life is good.

  23. 76

    Rhonda says

    You just gave me a great idea for another fun family indoor activity. thanks! (Btw, those little angels get into mischief, I don't believe it).

  24. 79

    ParentingPink says

    Dominos rock! My daughters love them too. And I was giggling at your comment about "when they actually play" as opposed to argue. I know that scenerio all too well over here in the land of pink! LOL

  25. 90

    ChefDruck says

    Harmonious playing with all 4 kids – now that's something worth blogging about and bragging about to whomever will listen. I'm inspired to share the picture with my kids and ask them "why, why won't you play like Angie's kids!!!!"

    Maybe I'll earn my moment of peace and serenity too.

  26. 92

    Kathleen W. says

    I hope you enjoyed that time to yourself. You'll have to come up with something for tomorrow now, maybe marbles or some other vintage game?

  27. 96

    Adrian's Crazy Life says

    At my son's 14 year birthday party, I was all worried because it was his first "teenaged" party and I was afraid the kids would be bored.

    Yeah, they spent the entire party – and half the night, playing with my husband's 30 year old Hot Wheels set, finding new and inventive ways to send the cars hurtling down the stairs. Sheeesh!

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