Wordful Wednesday-Cousins

We’ve had the opportunity to get some good old fashioned cousin time in this summer, and that just plain makes me happy.  Growing up, I had so much fun with my cousins, and I love to see my children enjoying being around their cousins like I enjoyed being around mine when I was their age.  I love that it’s so easy to foster a unique relationship that’s lasting, and binding.

Do you have any fun “cousin” memories?

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    My cousin Sandra and I played game after game of “Go Fish” and “Slap Jack” at my Grandma’s house. We also fought over Barbies. 😉

    I love to see my kids playing with their cousins too!

  2. 3


    Cousins are the best!

    Our kids just spent 3 whole weeks with their cousins. It’s like 3 whole weeks of 24/7 play dates. 🙂 A pity that we only get to see them once a year…

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    I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming with lots of my cousins nearby. We had so much fun playing together and it is nice that I know so many of my cousins.

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    That’s so great! I had cousins by the dozens and I feel bad for my kids, their only cousin is 24! So we spend a lot of time with friends with kids of the same age!

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    Oh my gosh yes! I have 25 cousins and I was fortunate to live within visiting distance of many of them growing up. Even went to college in the same town with 2 of them and have a ton of awesome memories of that too! Makes me sad that my sons only have 1 so far and any they do have in the future will be so young compared to them that it won’t be nearly as fun. Looks like you all had a blast. Were you visiting your sister?

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    Cousins must be a July thing. We spent more of today with the little cousin who always shows his bum crack, bless his 4 year old heart, and I stole his 3 month old baby brother.

    Because that’s the way I roll.

  7. 20


    Great photos! Spending time with family is wonderful.

    I don’t have any fond cousin moments because my cousins are so much older than me, but I am happy that my children can have fun cousin memories.

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    I wish my kids had more cousins and the ones they do have live far away. However, my girls do have nephews who are their age so they play together lots. They are more like siblings which is very special.

  9. 23


    I love this – cousins are so much fun! One of the reasons I really want to get moved back to Seattle – so Princess Nagger can have fun with her cousins, too! 🙂

  10. 25


    We are planning a trip to South Africa later this year so our kids can meet their cousins for the first time. Last time my kids saw their cousins they were just 1 year old.

  11. 27


    We were always the cousins who lived far away, but when we got together….watch out!

    It looks like they had a wonderful time together! Great memories!

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    These pictures make me want to go outside! My girls’ first cousin is like my third girl; she’s a fixture at our house, especially this summer w/them going to the same camps. Most of my best memories growing up are w/my cousins and I love that my kids are experiencing the same. A cousin is just the right bridge when you’re older and need someone to lean on/talk to but a sibling is too close, a friend too distant. The cousin who knows you’re the one who broke your mother’s favorite vase in 1978 and never said a word.

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    What a wonderful warm post. We love family, especially our cousins. We have a “family email” called Round Robin. Fun way to keep in touch!

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    I love my cousins! A few of them have actually gotten married this past year – which has made me reflect on tons of wonderful memories from our childhood.

    Hope you have a great week!

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    All of my cousins live far away. But we enjoyed the infamous title of being the California cousins. Which gave us a special kind of notariety. How do you spell that?

  16. 34


    I didn’t have a lot of cousin time growing up. My mother is from England, so all of my cousins are over that way. While we did visit my grandparents a few times, I don’t really remember much time spent with cousins.
    Sure looks like your kids had a blast though

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    of course! Christmas in Manti! Tractor riding… junkyard adventuring… Santa in the helicopter/police car… LOVE my cousins! 😉

    Cute photos of the kids. Lucky you live so close.


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