Wordful Wednesday- {Closet Envy}

I have closet envy.  I admit it.

My good friend just organized her craft closet and it’s so spectacular that I’m green with envy.  So envious in fact, that I have big plans to do something similar.  I mean, who can can live without a craft closet that is perfectly organized down to the labels on each item?  Not me, that’s for sure!  🙂

One day my friends.  One day.

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  1. 6


    That is an awesome craft closet. Melinda has a craft shelf but nothing like that. That’s pretty cool and super organized.

  2. 8


    Ok mine would look like that for all of 5 minutes and then it would look like a mess!
    But hey, when you get done with yours and you are feelin’ froggy, hop over to my lilypad and do mine too! =)

  3. 19


    What I wouldn’t give to have space like that for all my stuff! I have tons of beads & other things that could really use that kind of storage.

  4. 24


    A truly inspiring closet. I think that we need to see someone else’s organization to help keep us motivated to do something like this.

  5. 25


    If only I had a space to have a craft closet 🙂 Our craft stuff is in my closet! I kicked my husband to the basement closet and put in the girls craft supplies to get it out of my living room, kitchen, etc. etc. 🙂 I can’t wait to see yours. When you do it 🙂 Have a great day Angie!

  6. 26


    I made a “craft credenza” since I don’t have a closet to spare, and it’s amazing how much easier it was to KEEP everything neat once I got it that way.

  7. 29


    That is amazing! Someday I plan on having a craft room (or at least a closet). Hopefully I can keep it more organized that the bins I currently have.

  8. 38


    This is awesome! Not only do I wish I had a craft closet that well organized, I wish I had all that craft stuff! It would be awesome to scrapbook with all those tools at your disposal.

  9. 45


    Not only am I green with envy, I might be drooling a bit. My craft stuff is an unorganized mess and spread all over the house.

  10. 51

    skoots1mom says

    so with you…would LOVE to have that closet.
    maybe i can ‘inherit’ daughter’s closet once she’s moved out after college.

  11. 60


    Oohhh… I am so with you on that closet envy! With a craft closet like that… I would have no excuse not to create all the live long day!

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