Wordful Wednesday – Christmas Gifts That Keep Them Active

My kids scored this Christmas.  I’m not just saying that because I’m jealous, either.  I’m pretty sure positive that even they’d agree.  They got a nice mix of items from their Christmas lists which really means that  they got everything they wanted.

What’s not to love about that?

They got new scooters and skateboards and stilts and helmets and electronics and books and money and clothes and candy, which is pretty much a combination guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

Seeing my kids spend most of their vacation outside riding their bikes and scooters and skateboards brings a smile to my face.  Being outside is just plain good for the soul, don’t you think?

Do your kids prefer “active” toys or electronics?

Have you been over to visit my co-host Amanda at Parenting by Dummies yet?

This week’s Wordful Wednesday post is sponsored by Pro Dunk Hoops, an awesome company that has been creating and installing  basketball hoops for ages.  My yard and children have been calling their name.  Loudly.


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    Genny says

    Happy New Year, Angie! We were in LA for Christmas and I can’t believe how amazing the weather was! Your pics are gorgeous and I’m glad your kiddos got what they wanted!

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    They did score! You know, my girls are 13 and 16 so they would probably say they liked electronic gifts over active gifts. With that said, the 13 year old did get a beach cruiser for Christmas and she loved it so……..

    Happy New Year!

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    We love to see our kids outside playing!!! Of course, they love all their electronic games too, though! Looks like your kids scored!! Yah!!!!

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    My kids scored this Christmas as well! I think everyone was thrilled. I tend to go for thinking toys and creative toys. I love my kids to be active, but December in DC is not a good time to be outside. 🙂

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    oh how I wish! It’s currently below 20 degrees here right now and going outside is just plain old too cold. brrrrrr…

    we tend to not buy outdoorsy type gifts for our kids for Christmas because of our harsh winters…. unless, of course, we buy sleds, snowball makers, or snowboards 😉

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    How fun! All you are missing is a pogo stick!
    My boys got a wii for Christmas and could care less about it, they would rather be outside, and who wouldn’t with the perfect weather we’ve been having!!

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    They totally scored! Like everyone else I’m totally loving the stilts. What a cool gift. I am hoping that my little ones will always prefer active toys. But I guess only time will tell. Nothing like being outside on Christmas break with no coats, riding bikes, huh? You lucky Californians!! Happy New Year!

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    Your children must’ve been ecstatic with all those Christmas presents!! I personally prefer “active” toys rather than the electronic ones for my daughter. For her, I think it’s more like 50-50. She enjoys sports but also love some iPod Touch games :))

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    Beautiful pictures, and how fun that they all got outdoor toys and the wonderful weather to use them! Love the stilts :).

    Pictures from Christmas Eve in Jerusalem on my blog this week (both today’s post and earlier ones, with a side of Tel Aviv tightrope-walker thrown in for variety LOL).

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

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    Looks like your kids scored some great gifts. Seeing those pictures makes me yearn for nice weather so we can hang outside and enjoy the fresh air with sun. Hurry up, spring!

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    Happy New Year! I haven’t linked up in awhile!

    Being outside is good for the soul! It was beautiful here last week and my kids got lots of outside time as well. Not the Mamma, though. I was inside creating the mess I blogged about today!

  12. 20


    Princess Nagger and Little Dude got everything on their lists, too – a good mix of active and electronic…and active electronics! 😉 Being outside *is* good for the soul – love all the shots, and you can tell your kids appreciate all their fun gifts! Happy New Year, Angie! 🙂

    Random 80mph Shots of Beauty

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    I would have to say that mine prefer electronics… sort of. My oldest got a laptop for Christmas and she has barely put it down, but they also enjoy toys that require them to use their imagination like dolls and action figures.

  14. 27


    We—after long refusal— got a Wii…and with Just Dance, think even MOM will be getting more fit this year!

    Love to you and your crew, Sweet Angie. Happy 2012!

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    My kids would love all of those active toys, especially the stilts.

    I would prefer active toys, but electronics can be a life saver when the weather has up cooped up inside for a few months.

  16. 29


    Our kids prefer active toys but the electronics are slowly sneaking in. It takes a lot of hard work to keep the sedentary-inducing toys at bay. Now, the high is 34 degrees so it’s harder to get them outside (it’s harder to get ME outside). But, in those instances, we pretty much run around the house and play in there with the Wii. There’s just something wrong about a kid sitting around on a computer, with a handheld device, or worse, with headphones in her ears when it’s warm out.

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    My kids love active toys unfortunately there trikes are kept at grandma’s since we were over there all summer. We do have a b-ball court in the backyard and throwing the ball to try and make it in has become a new favorite!

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