Wordful Wednesday – Christmas Card Pictures 2012

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My Christmas Card Pictures for 2012 almost didn’t happen.  I made two appointments with my favorite photographer and both had to be cancelled.  I was on the fence about sending out cards at all.  It’s been a crazy-busy time, and frankly, I’ve been pretty darn stressed lately.  I didn’t know if I wanted to bother.

But, I couldn’t not.  I LOVE receiving Christmas cards, and I’m convinced that if I stop sending out cards, I’ll stop receiving them.  Plus, some of my kids are no longer willing and compliant when it comes to taking pictures.  I have to hold firm at least once a year and demand a group photo.  {smiling}

So, this year, I snapped the shots.  Which means this years pictures are only of the kids.  Of course, this is just fine by me, now,  but I just know that next year I’m going to be kicking myself for not having a full family shot.

So, now I have some photos…..I just need to work on the cards.  I guess I’d better get on that.  🙂

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  • Holiday season is the perfect time to snap those family photos.  Maybe you don’t want creepy family photos, but these from Geek in Glasses are cool!
  • Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah.  So many holidays so little time.  And, what are they even about?!  Head over to Cuddles and Chaos to learn about Hanukkah from her little kiddo.
  • Summer isn’t the only time you can head to the beach.  Check out these cool winter beach photos from Jack’s Paper Moon.
  • Last but not least, this is the perfect capture of anticipating Santa’s arrival courtesy of Heart Captured.


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    Love the beautiful photos and card photo. I haven’t sent cards the past few years, which has me kind of “off” since it’s something I love to do. Other than when my boys were babies, I’ve never even sent photo cards. I especially can’t now that they’re grown!

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    I loved these on Instagram (as I now wail WHY, INSTAGRAM, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY).

    My goodness these kids are all gorgeous. We have never done a Christmas card although every year I say it’s gonna happen.

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    2. End the goal of all students being proficient in reading and math by 2014. Many suburban students already are proficient in those subjects, so does the administration think kids in urban districts aren’t capable of meeting this goal? I’d sure like to hear them make that argument.

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