Wordful Wednesday-{Blast from the past series IV}

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way. More info. in my tabber box titled WW on the right. Thank you for playing along!

I’m feeling like wrapping up this “Blast from the past Hollywood edition”.  With four installments, I’m feeling all blasted from the past out.

I don’t know if I ever told you that all of the photos I’ve been sharing were taken at a Celebrity Golf Tournament in Los Angeles in 1990.  My BBF’s dad secured us tickets, and it was definitely the high light of my Sophmore year.

{Hulk Hogan}

{Don’t even ask.  I have no idea.}

{I think these ‘actors’ were supposed to be characters from Xena:  Warrior Princess, a series on air at the time.}

I met Leslie Nielsen, Henry Winkler (another super nice movie star), Hulk Hogan, Deborah Van Valkenburg (played Jackie on Too Close for Comfort), Jim J. Bullock (played Monroe on Too Close for Comfort), and either Jeff or Beau Bridges, but I think it was both (Jeff of Beau told me I looked like Ann-Margaret…had to go home to find out who she was!).   And of course the others that made an appearance in my series, I, II, and III.

Such a fun day!

I think next week I’m going to have to feature my kids.  They’ve done a lot of growing lately and I have TONS of vacation pictures!

If you missed my post yesterday, you might want to hop on over.  My encounter with Cindy Crawford trumps all of the celebrity sightings of two decades ago!

Don’t forget to hop on over to Amanda’s place to see what she has to be Wordful about.


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    Natalie says

    Oh my, look at the Hulk! Its crazy to see how much people change over the years in person let alone tv stars! 🙂

  2. 7


    What a fun post! Such name dropping! And the Cindy Crawford encounter is so neat, too! I can’t believe she twittered you back with such clear remembrance! You must be unforgettable!

  3. 20


    I am so thankful for wordful wednesday right now! I mean, my post is full of pics, like SO FULL OF THEM but they kind of needed a few words… so they all made sense, ya know?
    So thankyou Angie!
    I fonally caught up on some SITS reading and had to come visit. I love the look of your blog, and think you will be a gerat addtion to the SITS team.
    Happy Wednesday from a SITSah in Auckland New Zealand 🙂

  4. 31


    Awww man! I loved all these old photos. I guess all good things must come to an end. lol

    Rumor has it that Hulk Hogan lives in our area. Cool, huh?

  5. 41


    I can imagine how cool that would have been for you girls at that age to meet all those celebs 🙂 I bet you were in heaven!! Can’t wait to hear about your vaca!!!

  6. 49


    Too funny! I was just telling the kids about Hulk Hogan yesterday. Gotta love the 80s with such descriptive celebrity names. Off to read all about you and Cindy!

    Oh, and I should tell you that my SIL has been stalking, yes stalking, Henry Winkler for years and even invited him to my nephew’s bar mitzvah. He declined with a handwritten note. Isn’t that so nice? (yet scary at the same time?)

  7. 51


    Did you get a pic with Henry Winkler?
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see that one.
    How super cool!
    I loved your post about Cindy Crawford too, so very cool!

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    This is my first time to link up–what a GREAT idea for a linky party! Thank you so much for letting me join in!! (And please let me know if I didn’t do everything just right!)

    I can’t wait to go now and see some pics, read some great stories! But, first–I’d love to peek around your blog a little bit!! Thanks!!

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