Wordful Wednesday-{Blast from the past series II}

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way. More info. in my tabber box titled WW on the right. Thank you for playing along!

For the second installment of my ‘Blast from the Past’, movie star edition, I present to you one of the nicest movie stars I’ve ever met.

Can you guess who I’m standing with?

If you guessed Elvira, then you’d be correct.

Would you have ever guessed that she’s a natural red-head?Β  Super-duper nice.Β  Meeting her was definitely a highlight of the day.

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  1. 6


    Just like everyone else, I never would have guess that’s Elvira, she’s so covered up and a red head, how could you tell… LOL
    How many famous people have you met?

  2. 25


    I’m so jealous you have captured your movie star moments. I’ve learned to carry my camera with me at all times – and now I don’t meet any.

  3. 50


    Na-uh. That does not even look a little bit like Elvira. Are you sure you’re remembering correctly? Not just snapping photos w/ random strangers? LOL.

  4. 57


    I am new to blogging, so I feel like I am in the β€œjust taking notes” phase. But when I do find a blog topic I like, I do comment because I genuinely like what has been said or the information was helpful to me. I am officially linked to your blog now, so I will be checking in often! Thanks for all the great advice.

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    Shari says

    Wow who knew Elvira..Red Head?? MY sister fell out of bed when we were younger & scared everyone with a loud thud when we all came running in her room she was still asleep but singing the Elvira song…She <3'd Elvira… Thank you for sharing..Shari



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