Wordful Wednesday-Black Widow

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Next week I thought I do something a little different. I’m going to offer a prompt for Wordful Wednesday. Of course participation based on the prompt is voluntary. If you don’t like the prompt, publish your Wordful Wednesday like always on any topic you chose. Let me know what you think of the idea of a prompt? Something you like? Or just a bother?

The prompt is:

What is your favorite travel destination? Show & Tell us about it. {Recycling is totally acceptable!}

Funny story.
I was lounging around my pool the other day. Thinking about our wild lizards. Loving them. Praising them in my head (and out loud to my sister) for keeping any potential spider issues under wraps. I was was on my pedestal telling said sister how we haven’t had a spider problem this summer.
“In fact”, I said, “I’m sure it’s because of all of the lizards. I never appreciated them before like I do now”. “Do you know”, I elaborated, “I know YOU are always talking about black widows, but I haven’t seen even ONE since we moved here”. {FYI: Black widows are common in these parts.}
Not two minutes later she got up and pointed out the above pictured MONSTER SIZED BLACK WIDOW. In my yard.
I sort of ate my words.
And then grabbed my camera.
Only problem was, I was too freaked out thinking about getting biten and dying from the poison that I didn’t get a clear picture of that sucker. I saw it look me in the eye with murderous thoughts and then…..
I got my sister to kill it.
I’m no murderer.


  1. 1

    Jenny says

    No way! I don't know what I would do if I ever saw one. And it's much better that you're alive than not, but with a clear picture of the suspect!

  2. 19

    Honey Mommy says

    That is so creepy!

    I don't really mind the idea of having a prompt, if you don't mind that I probably won't ever remember to use it!

  3. 21

    Nichol says

    Oh I used to live in Florida and have seen some pretty deadly spiders. I shake everytime. I hate spiders but not as much as snakes. Happy WW!

  4. 22

    Allison says

    First off….eeeek! I hate spiders!

    Next, I think the prompt sounds like fun and I know exactly what I can post about next week!

  5. 23

    SupahMommy says

    ewwwwww.. i screamed like a wussy baby boo hoo the other day when one crawled up my leg…

    freaked out and left my 4 month old in the swing .. outside… to fend for her self.

    then promptly came to my senses and went back.. with a flyswatter. 🙂

  6. 24

    Buckeroomama says

    Ewww! Although… you got to admit, black widows are way prettier than those hairy tarantulas.

    Love your idea of prompts. Go prompt away!

  7. 27

    {Kiki} says

    That's awful. Big D has encountered one before. I have never had the dis-pleasure. Very thankful for that. I only kill ones I think can kill me. Happy WW and take care.

    • 28


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  8. 55

    Elaine A. says

    You must've forgot to 'knock on wood' when you were doing all that talking about NO spiders! HA! Glad it was terminatd… 😉

  9. 80

    Genny says

    We live next to a big nature preserve / park / bike path area and we get black widows all the time. Soooo creepy. I feel for you. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mike found one in the backyard that was about the size of a dime.

  10. 81

    Cecily R says

    You're kind of a stud. We have a lizard. In a cage. He eats crickets and smells funny. I don't have anything to do with him.

    As for spiders, black widows are one of the few kinds that I don't dare kill with my hand.

  11. 117

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    Ha! you are not a murderer.. um.. except by association.

    Hmmm a prompt.. I'd need help remembering the prompt.. and what if I ended up adding two links intead of my lame one? would that be banned?

    Like the bloggy black list or something??

  12. 118

    T Rex Mom says

    I am totally creeped out by your photo! We do NOT like black widows around here either!

    In its case, I would not have held it against you if you had killed it. But maybe it was too creepy to get that close to!

  13. 119

    Kasey@ All Things Mamma says

    OH MY!!!!! I would die if I saw that. My husband is more afraid of spiders than me, so I KNOW I would be the one to kill it. EEECCCKKK!!

  14. 121

    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says

    Wouldn't catch me near that thing with a 10 foot pole (on purpose, that is lol). You taking a picture = Mega-brave!

    And good for you for having someone squash it. 😉

  15. 122

    MamaJoss says

    All I can say is that is filthy. I hate bugs more that anything and being that it's just about bedtime, now I may have a nightmare…thanks Angie 🙂

  16. 125

    Nicole says

    Aaaaahhhh that thing is nasty! I dont think I have ever seen one around our house. I had better knock on some wood huh?

    Thank god your sister was there!

  17. 126

    cewmont says

    oh my gosh! how scary!! glad you had someone there to kill it for you. I think I'd even be afraid to kill it. Like, if I used a shovel, the poison would somehow travel up through metal shovel blade, then through the wooden handle and then into my hand. : )

  18. 129

    Rhonda says


    Holy mother of effin freakin crap!

    I'd move. I'd leave my beautiful pool and delightful lizards and move.

    Come to Canada. Our spiders don't get very big because our winters KILL THEM ALL! lol

  19. 131

    Serendipity is Sweet says

    We had an up close and personal encounter with one. You could see her egg sacks nearby and when I went to take a picture she darted towards me. I nearly jumped outta my pants, lol.

    Yours is quite a beauty!

  20. 138

    A Family Completed... says

    Sick. I HATE black widows my husband was king of catching them in our old house. The where behind the wood on the front door! I was freaked out to even leave a shoe out there!
    Even when he has them trapped in a container I think I'm gonna get bit and dye, lol

  21. 140

    dining room furniture says

    What a good timing! I can handle some other kind of spider but not black widows. I really find it really creepy! It gives me goosebumps right now!

  22. 142

    Mama Kat says

    I would have made someone else kill it too! I despise spiders…but I bet your sister thought it was pretty funny to knock you off of your high horse! 🙂 A black widow is a spider I could happily never encounter in my life thanyouverymuch.

  23. 143

    Jennifer says

    Oh, I love the prompts! That would make a big lazy like myself that much happier! LOL!

    On another note, my pits are sweating from looking at that spider picture. I don't like spiders, let alone black widows, so I'm glad your sister killed it. I would have just tried a can of Raid…

  24. 146

    cat says

    Oh gosh no! I actually like spiders, but not deadly poisenous ones.

    I like the idea of a prompt – maybe I'll play along, maybe not. Next week though, I have something in the works already.

  25. 148

    Rob says

    Spider don't bother me but deadly ones do a little. I would have had to kill it also. Wouldn't want to die by the new pool. LOL.

    Happy WW!

  26. 159

    Jacki says


    Just last night Peter came in from taking recycling outside and told me we needed to get some spider spray because the little baby spiders from this spring that live right outside our garage are now HUGE with 1-inch bodies. Time for them to go.

  27. 160

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    I am not a fan of spiders. Especially black widows – that was chivalrous of your sister to kill that one for you… 😉

    On another note…I like the idea of a 'prompt', and I like your prompt for next week! I need to get busy digging through some pictures… 😉

    Happy WW! 🙂

  28. 162

    Life with Kaishon says

    I always knew there was something fantastic about you : ) The fact that you aren't a murderer must be it! : )
    CREEPY to the max!

  29. 163

    Lolli says

    Oh my goodness! I would have done the same thing–grabbed my camera and freaked out until I'd gotten a picture and then gotten as far away as possible. Darn spiders!

  30. 164

    Kelly Deneen says


    See, now there is one of the reasons why I cannot live in the southern part of the U.S.

    I lived in TX for a while, and the poisonous wildlife freaked me out!


  31. 166

    SupahMommy says

    Can anyone figure out why I can't see the mr. Linky. I"ll give you a prize if you help me. I see it at night when Ang posts.. I'm able to link up my blog. But then when I go back to read others.. it's gone. No matter how I refresh, clear my cache etc.

    what gives?? helllllllp !!

  32. 168

    Run DMT says

    We get black widows quite frequently around here. They like dark little corners and their web are messy tangled messes. Just thought I would put that out there so in case your see a web like that….

    They average only an inch or so, but the ones here around here can grow to over two inches. Scary suckers! YUCK!

    Be careful!

  33. 170

    Aimee says

    That is so funny! I HATE black widows too – and we have a TON of them! We bought our house a couple of years ago and last year we were INFESTED (outside) with them – one night hubby and I went out with spray and killed AT LEAST 30! Crazy I know!

  34. 171

    Aunt Julie says

    Rhonda said it best "Holy mother of effin freakin crap!" Where do you live? I thought they were rare, and it sounds like they are as common as squirrels are here!
    Yikes! Be careful out there.

  35. 177

    Denise says

    You probably wouldn't die if it bit you. I was bitten by one on the foot while 5 month pregnant with my 2nd son. I rushed to the hospital, but they didn't do anything but check the baby & then observe me for a few hours. It was very scary & quite painful but not life threatening for me or my baby.

    I hope your lizards got all the other spiders & you don't see anymore.

  36. 178

    Ms. Latina says

    Oh My Gosh I would have run screaming! I have never seen a spider in real life and I know I would have freaked out seeing that HUGE one!

  37. 179

    princessmomma says

    I like spiders and help them find good homes outside my house when I find them inside, as long as they don't have the potential of killing me.

  38. 180

    girlytwins says

    Haha. You are so funny. I eat my words a lot 🙂 That is a huge BW. I would not be ok with that at all. UGG!! Glad your sister was there to help out.

  39. 199

    ChefDruck says

    You have a seriously brave sister! I didn't see your prompt until it was too late. I'll check before writing next week!

  40. 200

    Kara @ His, Hers and Ours says

    That thing is GINORMOUS!! Yikes! And sorry, I would be a murderer…I would have squashed that thing in 1.2 seconds flat!

  41. 203

    ShaRhonda says

    Oh my….WOW! I would not have known what to do! My husband wouldn't have been a help either! I'm playing along. My blog is private, just email me and I'll add you as a reader!

  42. 228

    Aunt Julie says

    I'm allergic to spider bites. Even the common brown spider's bite makes me swell up like a melon. I don't know what I'd ever do if I met a black widow!

  43. 229

    Kathleen W. says

    Oh my! I'm always convinced I'm going to find a black widow in my grapes that come from California. So far, nothing!

    I like the idea of a prompt, but I'm not sure if I'll find a photo for it.

  44. 231

    Sabrina says

    hahaha, this made me laugh so much. Fortunately in England we don't have that problem, although the other day my Bf found a harvest spider on his parents bed which was so big it wouldn't fit into a pint glass – one set of legs was touching the bottom of the glass and the others were poking out the top 😐 Eeek! Oh and thanks for the blog comment 🙂



  45. 232

    Heath'e' says

    I seriously hate those things and the show up in my back yard too often. I always make Rich kill them because I'm too chicken!!

  46. 233

    magda says

    I fully appreciate your feelings for spiders and envy your clever story sharing. I also envy your having a sister to take care of it for you. Great post.

  47. 234


    will leave these entirely to you not somhteing i delight in in fact, would say i am a big baby when it comes to them. gonna go find somhteing more interesting (for me) to read further down the page. xoxo

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