Wordful Wednesday-Beginning of School 2011

My kids all went back to school last week.  It is the first and only year that I’ll have all 5 kid at the same school, and I’m so grateful.

6th Grade-Grace

4th Grade-Emma

2nd Grade-Garrett

1st Grade-Jacob1st Grade-John

Dropping them off was rushed and exciting and as a mother it was really fun to see how each of them headed into the classroom.  Some were nervous, one SO excited, and a few as cool as a cat.  After all the hustle and bustle of getting the kids to class, I returned home to Jeff rushing out the door to work and I was faced with….an eerily quiet house.

And then it hit me.

ALL of my kids were in school full day for the first time, which meant that for the first time in 11 years I hadn’t had children at home with me all day. Especially after having the kids home all summer it was, well, shocking, and surprisingly sad.

I sat down on my couch and almost cried.  I NEVER thought I’d do that.

Onward and upward, I guess.  It’s time for my kidlets to soar.

I just didn’t realize that letting them all fly would be so hard.

Do you have a hard time sending your kids back to school?

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    What a BIG day!
    They are all so cute 🙂 hope their day was filled with fun and new friends and that yours was filled with at least one peaceful and relaxing moment. I’m sure the sadness will only last a short time.

  2. 5


    I cried with the first two. Literally balled. I even lost it when I dropped #3 off at drop-in daycare the first time (he was losing it too so I blame him for my histrionics). I fully intend to ugly cry when #3 finally goes off to for real school (we still have 2 years so I’m not getting excited yet). I will enjoy there absence I’m sure, but it’s just so hard to imagine. And also, it means I’m getting old and I;m not really down for that!

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    Wow – look at those lovely school age kids. I know I will cry when this happens. I was actually just thinking of this exact thing last night. How wonderful they can all be at the same school for at least a year – good for you as well as good for them having their siblings there to help if the need presents itself.

  4. 11

    Milz says

    I was a mess sending Masaru to first grade this year. I locked myself in the bathroom so the other two wouldn’t hear or see me cry.
    Then I cried again in the car.
    Then I cried again a few nights later to Dru in bed one night.
    I’m actually in a funk about the whole thing and it’s turned me up side down. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m only beginning to see the light.
    I’m a mess.
    Being pregnant might not help.

  5. 13


    Dear lord…looking at all of your kids separately and the grades!?!??! I seriously do NOT know how you do it!!! Your kids are beautiful and that must be SO weird after so many years not having them in the house!!!!

    Now be honest….after you almost cried a little, you popped the champagne right?!?!?!

  6. 14


    Aw, I remember the first day I found myself home alone with all my children away at school. I cried. It didn’t last long though. I had another baby and now I’ll have to go through that whole ordeal all over again.
    You know…you could just have another baby. 😉 lol

  7. 16


    So nice that 6th grade is in the elementary school- it is definitely better that way. That would be so weird to suddenly have all of them gone like that…it will be a few years more or me.

  8. 20


    Woah. What a new time for you! I can’t imagine all the things you’ll get to do now while they’re at school! I think about my son going to pre-K and I get weepy, but I also think of all that uninterrupted time… it’s bittersweet, I’m sure!

  9. 22


    Today is my first day as a free Parent! I have 3 children age 12, 9 and 4 the smallest has just started reception class this morning. This is also my first time of not having children home or being home and being pregnant! I am looking forward to my new found time! Karima 🙂

  10. 30


    totally wordful… and i get that. very seldom do i see Wordless Wednesdays with NO words. and that’s ok, too! great group of kids! lovely photos. enjoy your precious time.

  11. 34


    My first Kindergartener just started last week. And even though I still had three home with me I missed him every minute! And still do. The house feels empty.
    PS I’m hanging out with you more from now on. Someone it did not occur to me til today that you have five. I just had my fourth, and she has the same name as your oldest!

    • 35


      And you have twins! OK where have I BEEN? Anyway, I am totally knocking on your door one f these days and we’re going to go out and have a drink! You have made it so much further than me!

  12. 37


    I just realized how momentous this year is! ALL of the children in school ALL DAY! No more kindergarten/pre-school! No running back and forth to school to pick up kids All. Day. Long.

    Me, too. Ahhhhhh.

  13. 38


    I thought I wanted the kids back in school for some me time but it was weird not having them home and I missed them.

    I guess that just means, I love them.

    Great pictures of your kids. 🙂

  14. 41


    Nope. Not me. 🙂
    My youngest went to K-garten and I scheduled a pedicure!

    however I’ve been ‘told’ that when the oldest heads off to college is a whole different ball game.. We’ll see.

    And where’s your linky today? here I had a REAL photo post for a change!!

  15. 42


    I got wistful this year, but didn’t actually cry when the girls started sixth and third grades. I don’t think I’ve ever actually cried (other than after the first when she started daycare at 3 months old. Hormones!). The boy, however, in preschool? I wrung my hands the better part of three days recently as I knew he was screaming in protest to being moved from one room to another. A tear actually fell when I dropped him off one morning. So I had Chipotle and tequila for lunch and the world was all better.

  16. 43


    Awwwww poor mama! I usually do get all chocked-up when my girls go back to school, but this was the first year I didn’t. I was almost giddy, I’m ashamed to admit. I think I was glad to be back in a regular routine.

    BTW…your children are simply GORGEOUS!!! Enjoy that quiet house, mama. 🙂

  17. 47


    Wow! All five at one school? That certainly makes things easy. Can’t imagine how quiet and empty the house must feel though. But hey, just think of all the blogging you can do now!

    Great portraits of each child. Really encapsulates each one’s personality.

  18. 48


    At this point, hours of quiet sound pretty amazing 😉
    Though I’m also the one texting my mother ’round the clock whenever she’s watching Jackaroo!
    One thing is for sure… you make some good looking kids!

  19. 49


    Oh my goodness, what a cute back to school crew!!! 🙂

    I’m sure it WAS eerily quiet. It was the same way around here yesterday morning while my 3 were all gone (K is already in Mother’s Day Out). But quiet in a good way, you know? 😉


  20. 51


    Um… nope. I throw myself a little party on the first day of school. I’m just not sad at all. I wonder what’s wrong with me? I seem to be the only one….

    It looks like Kate will be coming home after all, so I’ll STILL have 3 at home all morning. Sigh*

  21. 52


    First of all your kids are gorgeous and second I can only imagine what this will feel like (as I type with a child trying to spin my computer chair). After having such a busy household for so many years I can’t imagine them all being gone at once. Hope the day went well for everyone. Linking up late!

  22. 53


    My youngest went to Kindergarten and I planned on being sad. On the contrary it was freeing. I have been struggling because he is my last and I still and not settled and 100% sure of that but if he is that means….I’m sorta free!

    woohoo! P.S. Your kids are looking great! R the twins doing more acting/etc?


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