Wordful Wednesday – Balboa Beach

Child #1 decided that she’d like to spend the day at the Balboa Fun Zone for her 12th Birthday, so off we went.  Such a good choice.  The weather was perfect, and everyone had a ton of fun except me {can we say sick, sick, sick?}.  It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have fun as that I felt lousy.

Isn’t this view gorgeous?

See those happy, smiling faces?  J’adore my cuties!

I still can’t believe my “baby” is 12!

I love this picture because of the backlit light, but also because it’s a shot of Grace and me on her birthday.  Ah, the bloom of youth {hers, not mine}!

The sunset when we were leaving was spectacular.  I just wish I could have enjoyed it more.  Instead I was busy violating the trashcans on the way to the car.  Vomiting in public is really embarrassing, disgusting and something I hope to never do again.

Have you taken any fun day trips lately?

Don’t forget to head over to visit my co-host Amanda at Parenting by Dummies today.  Her post about her grandma is so incredibly touching.  Bet she could use some kind words today!


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    Oh those images are FANTASTIC! (ANd your youth certainly seems to be in bloom as well 😉 ) Hope you are feeling much, much better….and have a splendid rest of your week.

  2. 9


    Looks like a wonderful place to spend a birthday! Hope you’re feeling much better by now.

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    awww! happy birthday to your daughter! I guess with us both having a circus full of children odds are high we both are celebrating birthdays around the same time.
    Thank you for your kind words last week. My 1st born appreciated it.

  4. 12


    Oh wow! You were really sick! Poor you! I hope you are feeling better.

    Love all the photo of your daughter’s birthday. It looks it was a perfect day. Happy birthday to your 12 year old! She’s gorgeous!

  5. 13


    Oh what I wouldn’t give to have that veiw right about now….it’s supposed to get super cold in the next few days….I know…how weird for Canada this time of year eh?

  6. 17


    I’m with Kimberly… we Canadians have a true appreciation for that view at this time of year.
    by the way?
    Your “baby” girl… is gorgeous! 🙂
    You must be terrified hahaha.

  7. 21


    I live in FL surrounded by beautiful beaches and endless sunsets which vary day to day. Your family is gorgeous. Their smiles tell so many varying stories of this trip.

  8. 31

    kristin says

    I am SO jealous. The beach, the sun, the perfect day (minus the garbage can violations). I’m sitting here w/ frozen toes, and there’s not even enough snow to enjoy the cold! Do you ever get tired of sunshine? LOL. Probably not. Still, It’d miss the changing seasons…

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    I LOVE meeting people through their blogs who live in the Los Angeles area! It doesn’t happen often as I haven’t come across many bloggers who live out here so I’m extra excited when I see a beach I know! We’re in the Marina so not too far from Newport Beach. Although we’re much closer to Playa Del Rey beach and walking distance to Venice Beach. Anyhow, I found your blog through SITS, which I just joined. Nice to meet you!

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