Wordful Wednesday-Baby Bird

*Wordful Wednesday is for those of us that like to showcase a photo(s) but that just can’t seem keep our mouths shut about it(them). If you’d like to play along, post a photo on your blog, and let the words roll. Feel free to “capture” my 7 Clown Circus button on the left to link back to me, and be sure to add yourself to Mr. Linky. Thanks for playing along! I found a surprise in my yard last week. This little guy must have fallen out of his nest. He looked like such a grouchy thing. I fell in love instantly.

P.S. Have I mentioned that the cosmetic work on my new house is NOT going well? I’ll emerge on the blogging scene again soon, but for now, I’m up to my elbows in spackel and paint and about a million other details that need addressing. Wish me luck. Please.


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    Ms. Latina says

    I love birds! Hope he was ok and you did not touch him! I heard somewhere that if you touch them the mommy will not help them since she smells us on them … hmmm or is that hamsters LOL Anyway hope he is ok!

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    MamaJoss says

    Awww – he looks like an unhappy version of the "Twitter bird" 🙁 Hope he/she learned to fly…

  3. 10

    Milk and Honey Mommy says

    I hate to see little birds (nest fallers) like these because I want to help them back into their nest, but know their mommies will probably abandon them after I touch them. Did he survive?

  4. 12

    Jennifer says

    Hi Angie! Stopping by from Alicia's blog, "More Than Words". I love your blog and am so happy I popped over! Happy WW!

  5. 15

    TuTu's Bliss says

    Great minds think alike! My post is a little birdy too. My post doesn't have such a sweet tone as yours but our birdies look like twins. Hugs, Jen

  6. 20

    parentingBYdummies says

    Guess we both had a fowl week. Get it? Get it? So, maybe I am not meant for stand up. Just thought it was funny how we both had similar posts about feathered friends:)

  7. 21

    Hootin' Anni says

    I've been watching the parents of a nest of three for a few weeks…right now I see their beaks at the top of it only…but momma and pop are very busy. LOL

    This is a super photo.

    My Wordful is all about Johnathon Livingston's kin…a bird of a 'different feather'…come see.

    Here is the direct LINK

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    •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says

    What a cute little grouch 😉 I hope he makes it. You'll have to update us…

  9. 38

    Kathleen W. says

    We had some mourning doves that nested on our sleeping porch, and one morning I saw the nest was on the ground and one of the babies was dead. The mother sat on the other one, keeping it warm for 2 weeks without a nest. Poor thing must have been so uncomfortable perched on the ledge with no padding.

  10. 45

    Lolli says

    We had the same thing happen outside our house last year. I was so worried about the poor bird, but the next day, he had flown away.

  11. 51

    Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish says

    He does look like he has a grimace with his beak…too cute! Hopefully he flew away ok.

  12. 53

    Marrdy says

    I hope this poor little thing is doing OK! Such a cute guy.

    By the way I put my name on the wrong post! Sorry.

  13. 55

    Lula! says

    I was going to apologize for leaving you hanging last week..promising a newsy message and not delivering. But now I see you're super busy. My message can wait.

    You love me, right???

  14. 60

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    Awwww! Such a cute little baby bird! Hopefully he survived – most likely if he was cranky! 😉

    Good luck with the spackle and paint – I have some of that coming up in my near future… 🙂

  15. 62

    Shannon says

    Cute little guy. Hope he's OK.

    Girl, you are a superwoman for all the stuff you have been doing. Moving, moving again. Renovating one house, now renovating another. You are my hero!

  16. 69

    Darla says

    we had some baby Robins in our front yard and some neighbor boys just couldn't stay away from the nest, despite many reminders from my girls. They disturbed the nest, two of the babies fell to the ground (and were too tiny to survive) and the other got abandoned. We didn't discover them until the next morning…all dead! So heartbreaking!

    So nice to be able to comment on here again! I've been occasionally visiting but always have my baby on my lap so haven't been able to comment. 🙂

  17. 70

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    I don't know whether to be jealous of you, or totally pity you!! 🙂

    Good luck.. I'm sure you are taking tons of pictures yes??

  18. 72

    Kacey R. says

    That grouchy little bird is precious! I hope he is OK! And good luck to you and your house re-do. You're a warrior girl! You'll get it done. Go Angie! Go!

  19. 74

    julie says

    "Grouchy" is a perfect word for that little guy – LOL! Hope he finds some happiness!

    Happy WW! 🙂

  20. 77

    Jessica The Rock Chick says

    I'm new to your Wordful Wednesday special this week! Excited to give it a try and see what everyone else has posted!!! Is the little bird ok? I hope so. Coincidentally, I picked a bird picture for my first post here. I just love watching them in my feeder and birdhouses in the yard!

  21. 78

    brunger bunch says

    poor birdie…I am sorry about the remodel. I hope it starts to pick up and show some signs of the light at the end of the tunnel. I know exactly how you are feeling right now, and I will eat some choclate and have a diet coke for you right now:)

  22. 79

    Sweet Serendipity says

    Aw. I am always trying to rescue things, lol. Baby birds, unfortuntaly, usually do not fare well once they've fallen from the nest.
    Happy ww.
    Good luck with the remodel!

  23. 81

    Night Owl Mama says

    awwww what a little sweet heart. HOPE he can fly away home soon.
    LEt see some photo's of that work your doing.
    You'll feel so much better when its done. I want a room make over too and I can't seem to break myself away from blogging

  24. 82

    Life with Kaishon says

    Your little bird is SO adorable! I am sorry about your house work. I can just imagine your misery! ICK!

  25. 83

    Jenners says

    Just keep painting, just keep painting.

    Moving stinks, doesn't it? Just take your time … I hope you are getting settled in Ok. And now I guess you are a 7.25 Clown Circus with your new little bird!

  26. 86

    Justine says

    Aw, baby bird is so cute!

    I hope you're taking pictures of yourself covered in spackle!

    Justine 😮 )

  27. 87

    scrappysue says

    man am i late today! cute birdie – i hope his mood improved after you found him! all the best with the house stuff – yikes!!! have u moved yet?

  28. 89

    Danielle says

    My cat brought me a baby robin just like this grouchy little guy last week! Luckily my cat hadn't hurt him/her, so I had to run off and try to find the nest. I put the little guy on the ground and poked him to chirp. He hopped around for a while and I put him in different spots until I found what *appeared* to be his parents. They really are the cutest.

  29. 91

    Live.Love.Eat says

    So, is he sweeter than he looks? Cute!

    Good luck with the house. Sorry I have been unable to participate!

  30. 92

    I am Arizona; a person, not a place. says

    He does look like a grouchy little guy! Cute, though!

    Good luck on your house!!

  31. 93

    Kelly Deneen says

    I hope the little guy (gal?) survived! And good luck with the house stuff — that can be very trying.

  32. 94

    stefanie says

    Cute! He does look grumpy. Hope the work on your house is going better so you don't have to wear a frown like this bird.

  33. 95

    Em says

    LOL! I adore how you love grouchy things – lucky for me 🙂

    Tons of luck and good DIY thoughts to you!! E

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