Wordful Wednesday-Busted

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Jeff and I took the kids to Palm Springs for the long weekend.

When I downloaded my photos from the trip, I found these:

I’m disturbed by these pictures for a few reasons.

  1. These pictures were taken on my camera by an unauthorized party.  In other words, I didn’t tell the culprit that he had permission to use my camera.
  2. These pictures were taken in my bedroom and I wasn’t in it.  My kids are not allowed in my room when I’m not present.
  3. Garrett is monkeying around on my chair in these pictures.  That’s forbidden.
  4. Emma is playing with my ipod touch.  Without my permission.
But, the thing that bothers me the most?

Where is their sense of self preservation?


They let their little brother take pictures of them getting into trouble?

What is wrong with these children?  🙂

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  1. 22


    BUSTED! But what I’d like to know did the photographer get in trouble too? I mean he did catch the other two doing family crimes, and more or less reported them to the authorities like a family police officer, so if the bad guys got in trouble then does the family snitch get in trouble? OMG I sound like my son. He was the family lawyer for my kids & always tried to get them out of trouble! LOL

  2. 34


    Busted Royally! LOL! No need for a nannycam when you have a tattletale photog! ha ha ha!

    LOVE THIS! Great post! And you daughter looks so innocent! lol

  3. 37


    I think thats really funny too! Better they learn now the power of pictures than when they are teenagers. . . . this could be a valuable teaching moment 😉

  4. 42


    Oh boy! That’s unbelievable!! Actually, your post reminds me a little of the post I did a while back when I finally found my long-long water camera. Remember? The last pictures on the camera told the whole story…. It was great evidence!

  5. 44


    Holy stromboli! The nerve! The horror! The complete lack of fear at getting caught! You are too nice my friend. Fearful kids may not be better behaved kids, but at least the don’t get caught. What you don’t know won’t hurt you and all that!

    And, hope you don’t mind that I linked my photo contest this week…pictures and all:)

  6. 71


    LOL That is too funny! I’ve found a couple guilty photos like that on my camera as well and wondered the same thing…um, kids, didn’t you realize mom would eventually see this???

  7. 73


    So, how much trouble did they get in? Like is EVERYONE grounded?? Just curious for future reference, you know, when my kids pull a stunt like this because you know they will someday… 😉

  8. 75


    Must I tell you that this makes me laugh so and reminds me of the 3 bears 🙂 Someone’s been sitting in my chair. lol. I love it!

    And indeed, misdeeds must be documented and if you find a pic with a mirror in the background you can go all CSI and find out who was holding that camera! lol

    Happy Wednesday! 🙂

    • 76

      Angie says

      I love the imagery that your comment produced.

      TOTALLY like the three bears. And you are so right about the mirror. I actually have one so I know who the culprit was. 🙂

  9. 79


    That is hilarious – by all means try and push the envelope when mom’s not around, it’s age-appropriate and expected, but for god’s sake don’t leave photographic evidence behind – on HER camera!

  10. 83



    I think maybe your young son has the upper hand. The older children may not have been a match for him. Blackmail anyone?

    Mom, do you romp on the furniture when alone in your room? Did your daughter learn the “right touch” on your ipod from you? Have you decided if all or just the photographed ones get in trouble? I wonder what they did that didn’t get photographed. Absolutely funny.

    • 84

      Angie says

      Oh……..there were about 20 photos. LOTS and lots of somersaults on the chair…….did you notice Emma’s hair? The best part? Grace was laying in my bed watching it all.

  11. 85


    Not good. I wouldn’t be happy if my kids were playing with my Blackberry so I know how you feel about your iPod. Cute pics though.

    Happy WW!

  12. 86


    Angie do you think little brother took the risk just to show you what the older ones were up to??? He could totally do undercover work for you….think about it , granted might want to give him his own disposable camera one that is under $10.

  13. 89


    Gives a whole different take on caught on film…..boy what were they thinking.
    Although it is funny, someone was blackmailing them. Hubby?
    My daughter and hubby are not allow to touch my cell or camera. they might break them and my is always consider better then theirs,lol. Mom’s Rule.

    My WW link for you

  14. 100


    Oh my. Every once and a while I find a few pictures on our camera that are off odd things, with fuzzy focus, and that’s because Madaline has turned it on and just pushed the button. It’s kind of cute and kind of scary at the same time.

  15. 105


    I can’t believe that they don’t know better than to leave evidence!! LOL — too funny! I love that chair — looks like a comfy spot for reading!!

  16. 115


    Oh, I just love it! Nothing like kids being mischeivous and not thinking it through. That is absolutely priceless. I would love for you to ask them and see what they say. And then show them the evidence. I always tell my kids they better tell the truth because I have hidden cameras throughout the house. That’s outstanding!!!

  17. 124


    Uh-oh! They really messed up, didn’t they? You’ll have to let us know what kind of brilliant excuses they come up with!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  18. 127


    LOL!! Too funny! But, the sad thing? Same thing happens in my house!! And when I confront the culprit, I get the hem-hawing around, and the look of panic in their eyes trying to figure out a way out of it. It’s priceless! Well, as long nothing is broken, that is! lol

  19. 139


    Now that is hilarious. Not that they are doing things that they aren’t supposed to b/c well, what kid doesn’t but that they are so going to get busted for this! Great post 🙂 You made me chuckle before bed 🙂 Take care!

  20. 140


    Hi! I just found you through Insights and Belly Laughs! I’m your newest follower.

    Isn’t it funny how our kids tell on themselves??? I’ve told my son that he is a terrible liar and should just give it up. Truthfully, I’m glad he can’t tell a lie and I hope it stays that way — of course, if my husband is any indication, I have NOTHING to worry about!


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