Wordful Wednesday

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I grew up in Southern California, but I don’t recall ever going to the beach in October. I don’t remember it routinely being in the 90’s up through Halloween, and I had forgotten how NICE it is to be able to wear shorts year round.

I am really loving living back here in perpetual sunshine. I didn’t realize how very much I had missed it.

So, while most people are taking their kids to the pumpkin patch all bundled up in the brisk air, I’m taking my kids to the beach, pretending that the sand we bring home is a blessing, and trying to figure out how the holidays can possibly be so near. And loving almost every minute of it.


  1. 11

    Tiaras and Tantrums says

    oh just rub it in why don’t you (Smiles) I really am not liking you too much right now (just b/c I am seriously jealous- it is 40 degrees here!)
    Get an extra smile for me from that sun!

  2. 13

    Laura says

    Since I love the beach and could live in warm weather year round. I am down right jealous! I am just fine with visiting and then leaving the cold weather and beautiful seasons! Enjoy!

    You should be impressed I got mine done and I somehow was first!

  3. 14

    Naturally Caffeinated Family says

    Haha! I just posted yesterday that it was in the upper 80s here! I’m loving the sunny skies!! Wow, taking them to the beach, my Hubby would love to go!

  4. 15

    Mrs de Miranda says

    I loved the beaches in CA! I miss living out west for sure! But I do enjoy the fall and the beautiful colors it brings too!!

    The picture is soo cute!

  5. 16

    HeatherY says

    I love beach pictures! So sweet! It’s nice to be in a climate that gives you a lot more warm weather than it does cold stuff. Glad you are enjoying your new home!

  6. 28

    Jen says

    well, I guess that it would be cool to be at the beach in the fall but give me the leaves changing and snow for Christmas any day.

  7. 29

    avtcoach says

    I won’t be able to participate in WW this week, I am not happy about it but I have been so busy and I cannot keep up with all of the wonderful posts with the comments. I love WW and hope I’ll be able to post next week!! Have a great WW.

  8. 30

    Melissa says

    yeah that would be weird after getting used to the other type of weather.
    it’s just getting into summer in NZ but we don’t really celebrate halloween.

  9. 31

    stefanie says

    Oh, lovely. You sound so happy!


    Wait til you see what I saw today. Sorry I couldn’t choose only one photo!

  10. 33

    Honey Mommy says

    What a beautiful, peaceful picture! Can you believe that I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen the ocean?

  11. 36

    les_mason_curt says

    I love the sunshine and I love the beach… I also love the fall… Ooh, it would be such a hard choice!

  12. 37

    Renée aka Mekhismom says

    Great photo. How nice to be able to enjoy hot days of summer in the fall. Meanwhile I am here in Georgia in the cold.

  13. 38

    .:Bree:. says

    Oh priceless!

    It’s warm here in Utah too. I dont think I’ve ever had a trick or treat opp where it was sixty that day!

    Enjoy the good weather! :}

  14. 39

    Susan says

    I am so jealous…happy for you and your beach trip, but so jealous. Today it was snowing and we had 50 mph winds at times. It was not a good day to be out and about, but unfortunately I had a few reasons I had to be out. I can’t remember that last time it was this cold in October.

  15. 42

    mommaof4wife2r says

    so stinking jealous! and i wanna be there sooo bad! we are so cold here already. i am going to go and cry now.

  16. 62

    Octamom says

    Our years on the coast were often highlighted by spending this time of year on the beach–it’s my favorite time for beach days! So glad you’re enjoying it!

  17. 64

    Casey's trio says

    You lucky girl! We have still been enjoying 80’s weather but getting to sneak away to the beach in October sounds like such a treat. I’m glad you are enjoying the sunshine:)

  18. 65

    Michelle says

    I love that picture Angie! Of course I have to agree with you that going to the beach in October is, as Martha loves to say……A good thing!

  19. 66

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I can’t even tell you how jealous I am that you can live in Southern Cal. I have alwasy wanted to live there and go to the beach and play in the summer longer. Oh, I am wishing that I were you.

  20. 67

    Elaine A. says

    Meanwhile our friends in the Northeast are COLD! What an amazing country we live in. And what a beautiful picture!

  21. 76

    Jessica says

    Wow what a change from Oregon. What a great shot:). I am so happy you love it there. Who wouldn’t??? It probably feels like you are home again!

  22. 78

    Mamarazzi says

    oh yes it was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S today. 90 and sunny and bright…i love this kind of Fall…even if the leaves don’t change until november. i am cool with that..i am stillwearing my flip flops everyday. life is good!

    welcome HOME!

  23. 80

    raising4boys says

    Are you rubbing it in? Beautiful picture. Although I just love love all the changing leaves here in Utah. And lucky for us the weather is going to be nice for Halloween night.

    Happy WW!

  24. 81

    Good N Crazy says

    Soooooo glad to hear the last part of that…

    Wow to the picture I totally stumble it!

    GNO was crazy, awesome, but crazy.

    And next week? Election night??!
    I don’t know…

  25. 82

    Robin says

    I hear ya. I’m not in Southern California, but our weather is very similar and I love it. I can’t imagine moving somewhere cold after all these years.

    It did drop out of the 90’s here though, the rains arrived in earnest yesterday. So far today is looking a lot brighter though.

    Gorgeous photo too btw.

  26. 100

    bermudabluez says

    Love your photo….but do you really have to rub it in our faces???? We are under a Winter Storm Warning!! Have a great day!!

  27. 101

    Jaime says

    So glad to hear you are loving your new, or old, life. Love the picture, that’s gorgeous. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the beach when we were there last week. Way too much fun stuff and not enough time!
    So, when can I come visit? I’ll bet I could talk Laura into coming with me?:)

  28. 103

    Sweet Serendipity says

    Beautiful photo! Though I do enjoy the Fall and Spring here in VA, I could leave the winter…gray and cold and damp, yuck!
    The sunshine is good for the soul!

  29. 106

    K says

    oh the beach! Love the beach! My husband is a retired submariner, and we are now landlocked, unless you count the beaches of the mighty Missouri (which you should not, not as a beach!). Love the light in that photo! Enjoy!

  30. 108

    Mrs. S says

    I’m anxious to hear about the rest of our trip, too! Hopefully it’ll only be a few weeks. You’re so sweet, though! And no, I’ve never seen the ocean. The Gulf of Mexico but it was right after Hurricane Katrina so I don’t want to make my bias based on that – it was yucky looking.

  31. 109

    Stu Pidasso says

    Maybe some sand pumpkin sculptures would make for a nice holiday photo. And there will be no hints for The Tuesday Caption Contest.

  32. 111

    Susie says

    That is a beautiful picture! Looks like you guys are having a great time. I’m happy you love the move and feel back ‘home’–good for you guys!

  33. 126

    Elizabeth says

    It is so cold here this week…you are making me very jealous! I hope things are going well with the move and the kiddos are settling in.

  34. 136

    GoteeMan says

    Totally awesome to be at the beach this time of year… that’s my very most favorite time to go…

    J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

  35. 157

    hippos toes says

    Sounds like you are really loving your new home. I think it would be fabulous to go to the beach in October. We visit the NJ beaches the beginning of October, the weather is very mild and usually in the low 70’s, and I love it!! No crowds, the beach to yourself. Sounds heavenly 🙂

  36. 158

    Debra says

    Oh Angie, so not fair! I grew up in South FL and your post brought back SO many memories. Sigh. I miss shorts. I miss NOT bundling up 5 kids. I chose Iowa? Really? WHAT was I thinking????

    I am so happy you are loving your move!

  37. 159

    Laura says

    62 comments, how in the world do you have the time?? I am so happy that the sun is shining on you. It has actually been nice here, so beautiful. But I know it won’t last and then I need to visit you.

  38. 162

    Jamie says

    Hi Angie!
    It’s been too long!
    I have been a horrible blogger 🙁

    I’m so glad y’all are settling in nicely.
    I gotta tell ya, I grew up here too, and I definitely don’t remember it being so darned hot so far into the fall.
    I’m ready for my seasons. But if it affords your family some nice time at the beach, then I suppose I’ll manage 🙂

  39. 163

    Eudea-Mamia says

    In my opinion, it is the luckiest of souls that have the privilege to live by the ocean.

    Congratulations – dip your toes in the sand for this land-locked girl!!

    Em – desperate for salt water in Dallas

  40. 164

    Krazy Armstrong K's! says

    oh man, you should have called me! We could have met there!! I LOVe going to the beach in the off season! Not as many people to deal with!

  41. 174

    Kally says

    I LOVE that picture of the beach!

    Here I am enjoying the turning of the leaves. Some of these trees are gorgeous!

  42. 185

    Kim says

    I’m jealous. I’m one of the one’s who has to bundle up to go anywhere from this point on until about April!! Great picture!

  43. 186

    BoufMom9 says

    That is such a GORGEOUS photo!
    Definitely not going to the beach here in NJ any time soon…BRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Happy WW!

  44. 189

    Kacey R. says

    What a beautiful picture! I am so happy to hear you are loving Cali and I hope the kids are adjusting well too. And the sand? The sand IS a blessing. :o)

  45. 190

    Ryanne says

    Yeah, so i think I would love to spend at least one holiday season in the perpetual sunshine and warmth. I am not so fond of the cold of winter, yet here I live where winter comes to call. Oh well! I love the picture of the beach, you have captured it so nicely

  46. 193

    mannequin says

    Ah… I’m glad you’re happy there but you’re goina miss the snow. I promise. Can reindeer even survive in those temperatures?

  47. 213

    JanetG says

    I have to laugh. I was thinking and feeling the same things about two years ago, when we were preparing to move to coastal Georgia. We even took a family picture on the beach at Thanksgiving, with the intention of sending it in our Christmas cards (as a not too subtle “don’t you wish you could go to the beach at Thanksgiving?”) 😉

    So most of the time, I’m right there with you. Except today. And yesterday. We’ve got an almost record-breaking cold front going on right now. Last Friday, I was in shorts and sweating. Yesterday, I was bundled up in a sweatshirt, jeans, and even… gasp… socks! (I’m a barefoot girl by nature) And I was still shivering in the wind whenever I stepped outside! (Yes, even *with* the socks!) Today isn’t much warmer, either. It got down to 38 last night, and the entire city is in shock.

    So while I’m usually right there with you in reveling in the sunshine and warmth, at the moment, I’m just as jealous as everyone else! 🙂

    But considering that I only get to wear sweats a few days a year, it was kind of nice to get an extra day or two worth of wear. 🙂 You’ll find out that you miss getting to wear your sweaters. Not that it’s not worth it, but it does make the few cold days a little less of a bummer when you get to unpack the soft, fuzzy, chenille sweaters. 😀

  48. 214

    Laurie says

    i am glad you are enjoying your new climate. I still think you were pretty lucky in Oregon. We certainly didn’t have flowers blooming in March. 🙂 WE are having our first snow flurries and loving it. Brooke told me she counted 500 snowflakes she caught on her tongue.:):) WHen are we going to hear how your big change went and see some pictures of your new abode?

  49. 216

    Heather says

    It’s a good thing I’m already sick because I’m sure this would have done it for sure. Always living in the Midwest I’m just glad that we aren’t foretasted to have snow for trick-or-treating.

  50. 217

    girlytwins says

    So happy to hear you are enjoying the warm weather. I hear it is going to be almost 100 today 🙂

    When do I get to share the sunshine with you?

    LOVE the pic BTW!

  51. 218

    Katie @ makingthishome.com says

    What a fun idea! I just found you via a participating blog and just had to share a post, too. My husband and I just moved to Germany (and started blogging!). A break for the beach sounds pretty tempting. Love your photo and story. Katie

  52. 220

    Gail says

    Awwww… what a wonderful shot! Warmth is why I live in Texas too. lol I joined in this week. Thanks for hosting Wordful Wednesday.

  53. 221

    Threeundertwo says

    I’m late, but I think 99 is a magic number.

    It’s toasty here today in Northern California too. We got our pumpkins but we wont carve them yet because they’ll rot in the heat.

  54. 231

    Lorie says

    The weather is nice here in Texas – great weather for the pumpkin patch tomorrow! Check out my Wordful Wednesday picture, it’s CUUUUUUTE!

  55. 232

    AVT Coach says

    Okay, I know you have a lot to do since you now have over 100 blogger participant for WW but, I am honoring you with the Super Scribbler Award. I looked and you do not have this one!!! I think you are a super writer and I showcased my two fav writers’ posts in your honor. Come and see!

  56. 235

    Dana says

    What an awesome photo. It reminds me of one I have from long ago. I just may have to do WW so you can see it! LOL

  57. 245

    * TONYA * says

    It was a little chilly here today. I couldn’t believe it rained. It looks like fall is finally deciding to come out from hiding

  58. 248


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