WNBA-Los Angeles Sparks Game

I love this WNBA logo. Expect Great. So apropos.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to a WNBA game with the whole family. Yep. All SEVEN of us, including the very squirmy-usually-can’t-still-for-a-minute-twins. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was the first time taking any of our kids to a professional sports game. I should have paid attention to the logo and not fretted because I had nothing to worry about. Every one really enjoyed themselves.

Especially this guy, who literally couldn’t sleep for a few days he was so excited for the game. The Staples Center is right off the freeway, and super accessible, with more than 5 parking lots, so conjestion and parking isn’t an issue. Thank goodness.

(this picture does not have the Staples Center in it…just a shot of LA close to the exit.) The inside of the Staples center is really nice, too. Clean. I appreciate clean. Especially since my twins still find unlimited facination in things found on the ground.

I could watch the Sparks practice/play for hours. Literally.
Having never been to a WNBA game, I wasn’t prepared for the fluidity and grace in which the professionals played. I was struck by their team work and commaderie, and really appreciated that although the game was intense, it was not tense. I couldn’t keep the smile from my face everytime I saw Shannon Bobbitt (5’2″) walking alongside some of her taller teammates like Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker (over 6′ tall). Watching her weave in and out of the court and Lisa Leslie score repeatedly was a real treat, too.

The Sparks were matched against the Sacrament Monarch’s for the second time this season at the Staples Center and it was a closely, closely matched game. The Monarch’s went home victorious, the Sparks lost the close game graciously, and I’m pretty sure most of the spectators went home happy.

With the season nearly over, I doubt that we’ll get back for another game, but I’ll definitely try to go to a game next season. If you’d like to go to a WNBA game before the season ends, click here for specials.

Until next time…… A special thanks goes out to One2OneNetwork for providing my family with this opportunity.

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