WhoNu? Cookie Bundle Giveaway Plus a {$25} Walmart Gift Card!

If someone had told me a week ago that a serving of cookies could be nutritious, I wouldn’t have believed them.  I’ve made plenty of cookies, I’ve bought many cookies, and none of them had the distinction of being nutritious.  Delicious?  Definitely.  But good for me?  Not so much.

Last week, however an assortment of cookies arrived on my door step that ARE nutritious.  AND they taste good, which translates to happy kids and a guilt free mom.  The cookies I’m talking about are called WhoNu? by Suncore Products, and they are well, nutrition rich cookies.  They come in four varieties:

  • chocolate sandwich (like Oreos)
  • soft & chewy chocolate chip cookies (like Chips Ahoy)
  • crispy chocolate chip cookies (like Chips Ahoy)
  • vanilla sandwich (like blonde Oreos)

Now, here’s the kicker:  a servings of 3 cookies varies between 140-170 calories.  Yep.  That’s all.  And, they contain:

  • 3 grams of fiber and a total of 20 essential vitamins and minerals
  • as much Fiber as a bowl of oatmeal
  • as much calcium and Vitamin D as an 8 oz. glass of milk
  • as much Vitamin C as a cup of blueberries
  • as much Vitamin A as an 8 oz. glass of tomato juice
  • as much Vitamin B12 as a cup of cottage cheese & fruit
  • as much Vitamin E as two cups of carrot juice
  • as much Iron as a cup of spinach

It seems almost too good to be true.  But it is true.  And good.  And, you can buy them at grocery stores across the country.  Just look in the cookie isle.

ENTER to WIN a 4 variety bundle of WhoNu? cookies and a {$25} Walmart Gift Card.  TWO WINNERS SELECTED!

  • Package contains a $25 Walmart Gift Card
  • Chocolate, Vanilla, Crispy, and Soft & Chewy WhoNu? Cookies

  • Leave me a comment letting me know what flavor of WhoNu? cookies sounds the best to you.


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  • Disclosure:  I received the same package being offered as a giveaway for reviewing and hosting WhoNu? cookies giveaway.


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    I would love to try out the ones that are like Oreos. I am always looking for snacks that would be healthy for me and my girls. Thanks so much for the contest.

  2. 11


    Oh how I’d love to try the Oreo cookie version. They used to be my favorites when I wasn’t watching my weight–two kids & 8 years ago! LOL! I’d love to give this healthy version a try!

  3. 18

    Janice says

    I’d love to try soft & chewy chocolate chip cookies (like Chips Ahoy) (my FAV type of cookies!!!!!)

  4. 23

    Elaine Lund says

    I woul dlike to try the chocolate sandwich cookies. Chocolate!…Yum!!!

  5. 46

    Mami2jcn says

    I wrote on your Facebook wall-http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150293959113638&id=100000611160195

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    mommydoll13 says

    i want to try the crispy chocolate chips ones they sound good


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    mommydoll13 says

    follow you on twitter
    sha t

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    Margaret Smith says

    I’d love the Chocolate Sandwich cookies.
    Thanks so much.

  9. 87

    Margaret Smith says

    I’m a FB friend (Margaret E. Smith)

  10. 107

    ky2here says

    The soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies are first on my list.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  11. 111

    Ann F says

    I would really like to try the WhoNu “Crispy” cookies

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  12. 116

    Heather says

    Wow! Why haven’t I ever heard of these cookies before??!! They sound awesome, can’t wait to try some and have my kids try them!

  13. 117

    Ashley says

    I think I’d like to try the chocolate sandwich cookies.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. 121

    Meghan McGrady-Curtis says

    The chocolate sandwich cookies sound SO good! Can’t wait to try them and hopefully my hubby will make the switch too!

  15. 159

    Tiffany Hill says

    The crispy chocolate chip ones sound the best to me! They all sound good though!!

  16. 162

    Daniel Waclaw says

    I would love to try to the soft & chewy chocolate chip flavored cookies!

  17. 176

    Barbara M says

    I like this one – Crispy.
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  18. 183

    Deborah Wellenstein says

    I would love to try the chocolate sandwich cookies.

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

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    Deborah Wellenstein says

    I like you on facebook as Debbi Otto Wellenstein.

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

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    Deborah Wellenstein says

    I posted on your Facebook page as Debbi Otto Wellenstein.

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

  21. 188

    Daniel says

    Im all about low calorie cookies! Consider me entered!


    I liked the facebook page and commented there too!

  22. 198

    Alison T. says

    I think the chocolate sandwich cookies sound the best.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  23. 201

    Alison T. says

    I follow 7clowncircus on twitter as @AFTolar.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

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    Alison T. says

    I like Seven Clown Circus on facebook as Alison Faith Tolar.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  25. 206

    Victoria Russell says

    holy smokes! the soft and chewy would be where i’d start – but i’d have to try each flavor, to be fair! 🙂

    e-mail: victoria (dot) russell5 (At) gmail (dot) com

  26. 207

    Victoria Russell says

    a fan of yours on facebook!

    username: diana russell
    e-mail: victoria (dot) russell5 (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. 214

    Carol F says

    The vanilla sandwich cookies sound great to me
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net

  28. 233

    Katharina says

    They all sound great, but since I have to choose one, I’ll go with the Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip. 🙂
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

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    Katharina says

    I follow you on Twitter. (Katharina Ess)

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    Katharina says

    I “like” you on Facebook (Katharina Ess)

  31. 236

    Ashley says

    The Vanilla Sandwiches sound delicious for summer!


  32. 238

    Geoff K says

    I love anything vanilla, so the Vanilla cookies sound the best to me – thanks!

  33. 252

    meredith c says

    i think soft and chewy chocalte chip sounds delicious!!!
    wuera_mermaid22 at hotmail.com

  34. 256

    meredith c says

    commecnted on your fb page as meredith chaf
    wuera_mermaid22 at hotmail.com

  35. 285

    Jill Myrick says

    I would love to try the Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies.


  36. 300

    Alissa A says

    I would like to try crispy chocolate chip cookies. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  37. 302

    Gayle C says

    I would like to try the Who Nu? Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.


  38. 349

    Erin E says

    The Vanilla Sandwich sounds the best to me. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  39. 354

    katie s. says

    There have always been a lot of chocoholics out there, but I prefer vanilla everything! Especially cookies!

  40. 361

    Ellie W says

    The vanilla sandwich sound best to me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  41. 365

    Chastidy says

    The vanilla sandwich look yummy the Oreo ones like this are my biggest weakness 🙂

  42. 366

    Mallory Nichols says

    I would like to try the Chocolate cookies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. 420

    Terry C says

    The vanilla sandwich cookies sound good to me. I actually saw these at Walmart this morning and thought about getting them but was unsure how they would taste. I may have to try them if I don’t win.

  44. 430

    Nick D. says

    The soft and chewy look so delicious, plus they are good for you. This sounds like a win win to me!

  45. 493

    kimbly says

    I’d most want to try chocolate sandwich WhoNu cookies

    kimbly at g mail dot com

  46. 496

    brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we would like to try the chocolate sandwich WhoNu? cookies !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com