Where I’ve Been…..

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been.

Some of you may even hypothesize as to my where-a-abouts.

I only have one thing to say:

If you figured that I’ve fallen into a hellish-time-consuming ebay vortex, you’d be right.

Excuse me while I go slit my throat.

I am now of the opinion that listing a million and one pieces of out-grown girls clothing on ebay is akin to hearing someone scrape their finger-nails down a chalk board.

All. Day. Long.


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    I feel for you especially if you have a lot built up over the years. I dread the two times I list each year except I love the money! I am just about done with this round, until January!

  2. 7


    Sorry girl. Sounds like more of a time suck than blogging. Maybe try a consignment shop? We make a little off of what is sold at ours. Just something to think about.

  3. 8


    Man, what are you doing?! So, is it working? I’ve never been successful selling anything on ebay. Well, except for zhu zhu pets. Those went pretty quickly!

  4. 10


    haha We used to do a ton of Ebay-ing too. But it’s more of a pain in the butt these days with all the extra stuff you have to fill out (and the extra fees too). We occasionally list something but not often enough to emit the fingernails on the chalkboard sound. haha Hope you’re able to sell some things!


  5. 12


    I’ve never listed on eBay myself but have often used one of the eBay shops. I know they take a chunk of the profits but listings through them often go for better prices as people know they have been checked over and it saves all the hassle for me.

  6. 19


    Hey! Thanks for stopping by. And yes, it is good that sometimes people aren’t listening. haha Though, they REALLY are….I just like to try to kid myself that they aren’t. Especially when I’m in the shower. 😉


  7. 20


    God bless ya—-I SOOOO resisted my husband’s encouragement to get on the eBay band wagon, doubt I have the patience to see it all through!

    More power to you, Sister! (and I SOOOO get how hard the blog continuity is when you are trying to work and parent and blog at the same time! Hang in there!

  8. 21

    Brenna says

    I am afraid of e-bay. I kind of stay clear of it, but I guess it is a great way to make a little extra money. I never thought of doing that. hummm… Nope still too scared to try e-bay. good luck

  9. 23


    Surely, you all have children’s consignment sales in your area? I think it’s a lot less hassle than Ebay. Or, I have an idea. Just email me, and we’ll see how much shipping would be to KY. I’m sure you have some adorable twinny stuff my boys would look super hot in!

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    Yikes! I was an Ebay seller for about 5 years. It had it’s highs and lows. Probably my best auction was selling a box of model railroad track that we’d bought for $5 and sold for $111. That was exciting!

    I do hope you are using some software to help you keep track of everything. I don’t know what the current programs are, but there’s always a bunch of choices. It’s like using Tweetdeck instead of just the raw Twitter app.

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