When My Child Grows Up, I think He/She’ll Be a…….

I attended an awards ceremony at school recently for #3. One of the teachers giving out a few awards said things like, “Jimmy is our future Scientist. He excels at all things science based.” “Andrea is our future Astronaut. She loves to study space”.

It got me thinking, “Where do my children’s strengths and abilities lie, and if I had to guess what it is they’ll be when they grow up, could I?”

The answer is, not without a lot, and I mean a lot of thought.

#1 has a strong personality.  She likes to be in charge.  She likes to be liked, and fashion is important to her.  Even though she’s super intelligent, I can see her doing something that is highly social for a career.  I absolutely couldn’t see her doing, say, research for a living.  I could however see her as a managing editor/director of a fashion magazine.  Or as the head honcho of a gaggle of children whose clothing she’s designed.

#2 is quiet and super sweet.  She shows an affinity and skill for writing that is particularly exciting to me.  I *hope* she’s my future author.

#3 is quite good at math.  He’s quiet and unassuming.  He’s already half way through learning his multiplication facts, which in itself isn’t all that exciting.  Except he’s in first grade.  I’m pegging him as my mathematician/research analyst.

#4 is easy.  He loves animals.  He loves documentaries.  He loves documentaries with animals in them.  I think he would make an incredible Veterinarian.  Or Marine Biologist.

#5 is going to rule the world.  This kid has more self confidence than anyone I’ve ever met.  He’s well liked, social, and also kind.  And honest, even when it involves admitting that he ate all the candy.  He’s going to do great things in the public eye.  I can feel it.

One thing that I found as I was thinking about each of their personalities is that they are all kind.  My children are all intelligent and kind.  I think they will all grow up to do GOOD things.  And that makes me happy.

I am playing along with Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop this week and answered the prompt, “Based on their personalities, what do you think your children will be when they grow up?”

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