What’s fun for one……

is not necessarily fun for all. My sister and her kids flew up for a visit and one of the things we did was take the 8 kids to the zoo. They have an incredible butterfly exhibit (closing next week, boo hoo), and everyone loved it except the twins and my neice who didn’t like all the “flying” things.


  1. 3

    Shannon says

    I think my girls would have the same reaction. It is funny to see you holding two screaming toddlers. It is so me!! Love you!

  2. 6

    Debra says

    Poor boys! You still are smiling though mom! I have some pictures of my boys screaming while I am holding them too.

  3. 7

    Laurie says

    I saw that picture with the twins and I knew that smile on your face. There is nothing like sitting in public with crying children. What a joy to a mother’s life. My kids seem to be in one of those cycles right now as well. I think they like to use the surprise tactic. Things have been great in public then all the sudden it comes to an end.

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