What I Love About Word Press Reason #1

I keep finding more and more reasons to love Word Press.

Reason #1.

I like the templates.   {In case you are wondering, I’m using the THEME template}.  I’m in LOVE with the crisp clean lines of Word Press blogs and adore the navigability they offer.  This is the main reason I moved from Blogger to Word Press.  I wanted to add tabs and pages and gadgets to my blog, and still have it look clean and uncluttered.  Plus, I wanted the ability to only have my most recent post appear in it’s entirety with my older posts listed below that with a teaser about it’s contents.   And, I wanted a handy dandy tabbed box {aptly called Tabber} in my side bar.  Really badly.  The Tabber Box that Shauna designed for me alone made the move justifiable in my mind. 

I know.  It’s the little things.  Which reminds me.  Have you clicked around my Tabber Box?  If you haven’t, you should.  I’m just sayin’.

So, reason #1 I love Word Press is all about appearances.   My other reasons are about function.  Now that I’m a Word Press user, I’ve found a BUNCH of reasons to pat myself on the back regarding  my move to Word Press  like comment moderation, cool widgets and much more.

I’ll get to them.


And, Oh. My. Stars.  I forgot something…..about appearances.  I had my Twitter Page redesigned, too.  Go on.  Go see why I say Oh. My. Stars. There.  You’re back.  Cute.  Isn’t it?


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    vitamin c says

    Its very interesting to read about wordpress.Yes you are right that appearance is nice.Well I like your blog as it looks different but still attractive.Thank you for this post.

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    I’ve been a wp user for over a year and just recently switched to the
    self hosting version. I am adding things here and ther but I love th
    teaser posts beneath the newest post. Is that a plug in or
    part of your theme?

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      I don’t know if it’s exclusive to Thesis, but to change what is viewable in full format on your blog, go to Settings and change the “READING” settings to what you want displayed.

  3. 10


    I am seriously thinking about making the move, but it scares me to death! I love the way some WordPress blogs look (yours in particular)… I LOVE the tabbed box and the way your sidebar stuff is organized. I guess I need to read more about WordPress, or just hire you as my consultant.

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      I’m still learning, but I’d be happy to share my thoughts with you. ANd, the webdesigner/changer/over person I used is absolutely phenomenal.

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    I keep thinking I’ll do it and then I get tired. But I just found some cool new templates for Blogger (yes … Blogger). Someday I’ll probably make the switch … just for the commenting sytem.

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    TJ says

    LOVING your new circus theme, Angie 🙂
    I’ve switched (back) to WordPress too, after a brutal love/hate relationship w Blogger… i think WP is home for me!

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