What Fun TIMES 10 million looks like….

My twins worked today.

It was a photo shoot for a very well known brand.

And they had “fun times 10 million”.

When I grow up and go back to work, I hope that I can have half the fun they have when they work.

{I captured so many great shots (I am biased though since they are my children), so I can’t wait to show you what a photo shoot looks like from my unique perspective.  Soon.  Very, very soon.}


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    Janet says

    That looks like more fun than should be legal! Think they’re interested in a 40-something mom? 😉 Will it air/be published nationwide? Or is it just local? I can’t wait to see it – so I’m hoping I can!

  2. 13


    Ohmygosh! How cute are they?! Looks like everyone had a blast b/c there are smiles all around! I wanted The Dudes to “work” when they were younger, but living in rural Maryland doesn’t really give much opportunity to get “work”, ya know?!

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    I saw your photos on Facebook. They’re awesome!! It looks like they had a great time. How much shaving cream did they actually go through??!! lol!! It looks like a lot!

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