"What?" and Flying Alone

The kids are a little perplexed (the evidence is in his expression). Something monumental is happening. I’m going somewhere on a plane all alone. I haven’t done this in 10 years. I should qualify. The twins are perplexed. The other kids……over the moon. It’s party time with dad. As for me? Nuptial time Harley Davidson Style. My brother is getting married. Not sure if they’ll actually be on thier “hogs” but I’ll soon see.

As for blogging? I’m behind. So behind. But I’ll catch up. Eventually. Bear with me, please.


  1. 5

    Mandy says

    Oh, have a nice and relaxing time! I told my hubby I would like to go on a vacation by myself one day… Enjoy your time by yourself!

  2. 8

    Rhonda says

    Wow!!! Enjoy your time with no kids!!

    Also, blogging is hard on a daily basis. I have learned to cut out the weekends. (Except for reading, of course.) But trying to be creative on a daily basis is sometimes like torture!

    I look forward to hearing about the wedding!

  3. 10

    WheresMyAngels says

    Only Mercede has flown with me. In fact we both shared our first flight together. She loved it. Cheyenne refused to fly with us, because it was 9 months after 9/11 and she had seen the plane footage. I always hate it that Cheyenne didn’t get to have all the fun we had. I’m hoping that plane tickets will get cheaper soon so we can fly to LA to visit my friend and her son (Ben that has the brain tumor).

    Have a great time.

  4. 12

    Melanie says

    Have a ball!! My kids said it was not fair that we go on planes without them…until they realize who is tending them..Grandma.

  5. 13

    Jaysi says

    Wow!! Lucky girl! Hope you have a great time. It will be so crazy to not be responsible for anyone but yourself, huh? That could get pretty crazy. Enjoy it!!!

  6. 16

    Cristin says

    I’m so jealous that you’re getting away from your family! Er.. I mean, I’m sure you’ll miss your children terribly and can’t wait to get back home to them!

  7. 19

    Amy says

    Hi Angie! Tiffany suggested that I stop by and say hello. Your blog colors and style are so soothing. I love looking at your page.

    How exciting that you have a chance to be with his brother on his wedding day. My husband will be taking a similar plane trip next weekend for his brother’s wedding. Sadly we can’t all make the trip with the cost of travel. On that note, hope you have a great adventure. Take lots of pictures for those of us left behind.

  8. 20

    Z's Mom says

    How exciting!!! How are you going to deal with not having your kids around? That’s gonna be weird for you huh? Nice lil break though….enjoy that wedding!!!! 🙂

  9. 26

    Jessica says

    A wedding on Harley’s..I can’t wait to hear about it. I hope you are enjoying your alone time, although your probably missing your kids like crazy!

  10. 30

    Lindsay says

    Wow – a trip ALONE. Isn’t that an oxymoron for moms?? 🙂 Sad, but true…but even better is the fact as much as we need the time alone once in a blue moon (or ten years, whatever the case), we don’t enjoy ourselves as much as if we were dragging our whole family with us. True? I think so.

    Enjoy your trip!

  11. 32

    Mark and Kiss says

    Hey Angie, I am truly looking forward to ALL THE DETAILS of the trip. 🙂 Hope that everything goes well at home and on the trip. Give your brother “Best Wishes” from us. Kudos to Jeff.

  12. 35

    Good N Crazy says

    This was THAT trip right? The one where I was going to finally get to meet you…?

    Oh well. I’ll need a shopping trip to Oregon soon enough eh?

  13. 36

    Casey's trio says

    I hope you are home…safe and sound! I bet it was a luxury to have a little time all to yourself:) Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  14. 37

    Tulsi says

    How do you happen onto contests? I never do.

    Have fun flying alone. I may have to in December, but I’ve never flown alone. I’ll be thinking about you. It sounds scary to me. Maybe you can give me pointers on what helped and what to avoid when you get back.

  15. 39

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I wish I could have been there Ang. I missed out big time but what can you do with sick baby! I missed you.

  16. 41

    Stephanie says

    Have fun!! Enjoy the quiet…not that flying is quiet. Hopefully you don’t have some snoring, slobbering, head bobbing person next to you!

  17. 44

    Connie says

    Hope you had a great time!! And behind on your blogging??? I just noticed you list of blogs and it is GINORMOUS!!! I don’t know how you can keep up!

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