Wordful Wednesday – Vintage Clothing Finds

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When I was in high school I was loved thrift store shopping.  I went through this “hippy” period where I only wore peasant skirts and distressed 501 jeans and BIG earrings and necklaces, so I did a lot of scouring for vintage looking clothing.  Plus, I felt really cool driving into Los Angeles and West Hollywood to shop their stores.  Right around the time I went to college my obsession will all things vintage ended.  For about 20 years there, you couldn’t have paid me to set foot in most thrift stores.

And then suddenly about a year ago, I had this desire to take it up again and I’ve found the greatest collection of vintage skirts and blouses and even jackets.  My pencil skirt collection though is enviable though if I do say so myself.  Mostly because I picked up every skirt here for under $2 each and every single one is lined and a few are even wool!

Here’s the thing about vintage clothing though.  I’ve found that it’s smaller (the waist and arm openings ) than clothing today so it’s kind of fun to find one’s correct “vintage” size, and just to try on old pieces and see how ill fitting they be, or how great they can fit all these years later.


The other day I found this fabulous 40′s skirt at a consignment store. I paid more for it that I normally would $26, but it’s wool and in perfect condition from the 40′s.  It has leather detailing in the front and back that I wish you could see in the photo and it’s so cute on.  I even found the perfect pair of heels for it.  I love being able to imagine someone wearing the skirt 60 years ago.  I have to think that whomever owned it loved the skirt enough to keep it around for decades before it landed in the consignment store!

Last year I picked up this leather coat for $20.  I’ve loved it ever since.  I think it looks really cute on….too bad I can’t get rid of the slight thrift store “stink” on it.

Which of course is one of the pitfalls of buying thrift store items.  Sometimes they stink and no amount of intervention takes that smell away.  At least in my experience.  Not enough of course though, to dissuade me from thrift store shopping.  I heart it!

Do you go thrift store shopping?  If so, what is your most fabulous thrift store “find”?

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