Vintage Style Dresses with Modern Fit {Stop Staring}

If you love vintage styled dresses, then you are going to fall in love with Stop Staring dresses.  Made with modern materials, they have the silhouettes of 40′s and 50′s dresses, with the comfortable fit of dresses of this era.  Additionally, if you adore Rockabilly clothing, then Stop Staring! will definitely have something for you! Even if you are not into retro clothing, the silhouettes of Stop Staring dresses are so lovely that I have a feeling you’ll fall in love.

Stop Starting dresses

I’ve often lamented that I was born in the wrong era because I adore vintage clothing.  I’ve tried on so many vintage clothing articles, but my body just does not fit them properly or the material is disintegrating.  With Stop Staring I found a manufacturer that makes dresses with a retro feel and a fabulous fit.

Here’s What I Love

  • The fit.  Stop Staring doesn’t vanity size.  So when you order your size, it actually IS the size you order.  In fact, they may even run small.   The stretchy material holds everything in.  {bonus}  I was shocked by how slimming the dress actually was.  I ordered the Maria dress and it has a lovely blousy top that off sets the straight line of the pencil skirted bottom of the dress.
  • The material. It’s a high quality, thick stretch so it’s not going to stretch out and look baggy by the end of the night or after a few hours of wearing.  Plus, see bullet point above, it holds you in.  If you’ve birthed 5 children like I have, you appreciate little things like that.  {smiling}
  • The silhouette.  All of the dresses have a really slimming silhouette and I adore that they mostly fall just below the knee in length.
Stop Staring has some really cute items on sale/discontinued right now, too!

Disclosure:  Stop Staring sent me the 1940′s inspired Maria dress to enjoy.

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  1. 1

    Dang! It’s like you’ve never had A kid, let alone 5, and TWINS! Cute dress. I love this look too, but I carry all my weight in my middle, thus, anything high waisted and skinny looks horrible on me… But you look fabulous.

  2. 2
    Twitter: SeriousKrystyn

    Dude…you look awesome…I’m certain it’s not the dress and it’s all you!

  3. 4

    Could your waist be any SMALLER? And, don’t tell me it’s the dress….you’re tiny. Beautiful!!

  4. 5
    Twitter: Life_Darling

    If buying a dress there can make me look like you, then I’m IN! ;-) Looking gorgeous, mama!

  5. 6
    Twitter: a_lifeofourown

    You look gorgeous! I’m not really a vintage person but I would wear the dress in a heartbeat if it looked that good on me

  6. 7

    Oh my!! I love vintage styled dresses! There is just something about the way they look that I simply love.

    You look amazing too!

  7. 8


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