Veggie Pizza – {easy lunch idea}

Making healthy lunches can be easy with a little planning.  My favorite healthy lunch for my kids is veggie pizza because it’s easy and packs a punch.

I buy the frozen pizza that I use as the base from Trader Joe’s and then add extra veggies to the top and bake the night before.  My kids LOVE this pizza and like it cold (once its been baked, of course) so it’s the perfect healthy lunch.  Plus, the pizza is only $4 at Trader Joe’s, so with the veggies I put on the top, it ends up costing about $1 per child.  That’s  a really inexpensive lunch for my children!

I usually add sliced zucchini and red bell peppers and occasionally portobello mushrooms to the spinach pizza, so you can see that they are getting lots of veggies in their lunch!

What is your best tip for a healthy lunch?

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Don’t forget to visit the other fabulous mamas participating in the Beyond Bologna Challenge this week.  They’ve got some amazing tips for jazzing up your kids school lunches including:  SharonNicoleAmanda and Elaine!  Amazing recipe and tips alert!

Psst:  My lovely Beyond Bologna hostesses are hostessing a twitter party this week to chat about your best lunch ideas, what struggles you are having when it comes to feeding your children, and anything else you want to chat about!  It’s on Thursday (9/6) at 9:30pm EST, and they’ll be giving away 3-$25 Amex gift cards & gift boxes of yogurt deliciousness to make your mouth water!  More details here.

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    I’m with Kristin (above)….. I might be able to get one of my kids to eat this pizza if it is hot…. but the other 5 would gag and make obnoxious noises. Surely you are doing something right Angie! I am impressed!

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    It’s so good that they will eat it cold! Mine wouldn’t. And if it doesn’t have pepperoni on it, forget about it! This is a great idea though!!! 😀

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