Valentine’s Day

Are you as shocked as some people I know?

Proof that I’m not a dead beat mom for ALL holidays.  Just some. Like Halloween.

And for the record, those chocolate dipped pretzel’s were GOOD.



  1. 7


    Wow, you’re good…I only have 2 kiddos and haven’t gotten them jack yet. Guess I should hit the store today…at some point. Damn cold weather.

    Happy Valentine’s to you and yours 🙂

  2. 13


    I am so impressed!! For the record, I made my kids heart shaped sugar cookies yesterday. But that’s as far as I’ll go. Plus, I don’t like pretzels. 😉

  3. 17


    who is shocked at this? I think it’s right up your ‘amazing super mom’ alley.
    I am the true deadbeat mom. No chocolates in this house. Holy Cow. What a mess.

  4. 20

    candice says

    No, I am not shocked at all. You are very talented, and the pretzels made me drool. (I started a diet…for the third time.)

  5. 23


    We have such a weakness for chocolate covered pretzels in this house – we buy the big Costco bags if that tells you anything. Although, T Rex doesn’t like sweets so we can never say he ate them all! It often makes me wonder where this child came from – hate chocolate, cookies, candy…try as we may he won’t budge – not fries are another thing. Tonight during evening prayers he thanked God for McDonalds and fries! (He goes maybe once every other month.)

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