Vacation-Part One

This post is more than just a post about my vacation, it’s a photographic view of part of where I came from.

This is my grandfather, and the occasion for the vacation is his 80th birthday. He is a very special grandpa, for he helped establish my roots. He provided something stable when the goings on in my life were anything but. He is as constant as the day is long and his word is his honor.

This is the view that has always told me I’m coming home to the only unchangeable thing I ever knew. This temple is my beacon and tells me that all is well and nothing has changed. She was built by my ancestors and overlooks the cemetary where my mother lies. The stones that make up the sacred building were hand hewn from a local quarry, the furnishings inside were carved or sewn by hand; all by pioneers, some of them with my blood.

These are views of my childhood. Can you see my memories?

This is where my past and present collide and I get to share my history with my children.

And this is where I get to enjoy seeing my husband ride a horse (make that a mule) for the first time.

This is where I swatted swarms of mosquitos with my son….

And this is the stuff that memories are made of.

I didn’t grow up in central Utah. I visited a few times a year, and every year I could count on the little town being just how I remembered it. I felt comforted by that. And still do. When I visit I get to revisit memories and see the evidence of families who’ve loved each other through the generations.

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  1. 1
    TUTU Monkey says:

    Such a lovely post…..I pop in your blog quite abit…I found your on Tonya’s Blog.

    What a great vacation…Happy 80th to your Grandpa!! He looks like a wonderful man!!

  2. 2
    Classics and Country says:

    Look like you had a great time! I love all the photos! When a photo is in black and white it really makes the photo special.

  3. 3
    MoziEsmé says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot for memories! And even better is sharing that with your family now.

    There’re so many places I want to take my baby, too. One of these days.

    And happy birthday to Grandpa!

    • 4

      I miss being a kid and everything that goes along with it ~Playing spotrs, not so much the organized kind but the pick up games in the park, at the school or even a vacant lot. Where it starts with a friend knocking on another friends door and grows from there.Watching Saturday morning cartoons, Bugs, Daffy, Elmer etc. You know, the good stuff.Hanging out at the neighborhood park rec. centers in the Summer.Going to my Grandpa Jack’s house in Pacifica the day after baseball season was over and spending the rest of the Summer.Pick a day anyday I spent with my Grandpa Duncan even if it involved yard work (he always paid me a few dollars to help out).Going door to door with friends in the Summer soliciting yard work to finance our backyard camp outs.Being able to run all day without seeming to get tired, whether it be a ball field or a basketball court.Going to the public library to check out books (recently rediscovered this small treasure why by when you can borrow? Still buy a ton of new ones though, oh well).Riding my bike to Bob’s market on 4th St or Carl’s on 3rd to by a soda, a marshmellow pie and 10 cents worth of penny candy.Visiting my Great Grandma and Grandpa Koop in Shafter (short walk across a sticker infested field to A&W Rootbeer)and getting a shiny dime from Grandpa Koop and home made chicken noodle soup (as well as other goodies) from Grandma Koop.Family reunions in the park where I’d get to see my cousins from Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas. Not to mention all the story telling that goes on at these events.My Grandma Duncan’s fried chicken and anything at all she baked or canned.Spending the night at a friends house or them at mine.Sitting in the car in the driveway listening to Wolfman Jack on the radio with Tommy. We thought it was the coolest.Doing stupid stuff with your friends. Like jumping off the roof (Jimmy), sliding down the side of the city reservoir into the water in a plastic boat (Steve), BB gun wars (Mark) and the list goes on.Fishing with my Dad, then racing back to Wasco in time for my baseball game.And penny candy, did I mention how much I miss penny candy?

    • 5

      You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

  4. 6

    Hi Angie, that’s a very nice vacation. :) It’s so nice of you to show your children your roots. It’s one way of appreciating where you came from.

    P.S. I’m also having difficulty posting replies in my own website. LOL. Thanks for replying. I hope it’s gonna be fixed soon.

  5. 7

    What a beautiful post. It must feel very special to be so connected to a particular place like that, with roots that go so deep. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    PS Love the choice to use b&w :).

    • 8

      Kate Ford – Thank you again for having me. The sroeits you tell here with your images captures that weekend brilliantly. It was quite an honor to be by your side <3

  6. 9

    Sounds like you had a great trip.
    I love driving into Manti at night when all you can see is the beautiful temple on the hill.
    That’s awesome that your kids can spend time there, with your grandpa.

    • 10

      I think this is just a rumor, but you may as well try since you are definitely far enugoh along that you don’t have anything to worry about. I wouldn’t eat more than a serving or so every few hours. Personally, I think walking is more likely to help than anything else

  7. 11
    Crazymamaof6 says:

    beautiful post! love the pictures! beautifully put! it’s probably so nice to be there together! Have fun!

    • 12

      I love the pictures in your blog! I wish we could do this more often. We suhlod have thought about this before they were born and we could have done pictures every 3 months I had NO idea that there was video! I LOVE it!!!

  8. 13

    My two favorite pictures are of you with your grandpa and your kids with your grandpa…precious!

    • 14

      - from another uarrnmied girl, also a wedding photographer, except that i’m not single and i live with a mr! we never got married by choice and if we ever did it would definitely be a very low-cost, fun and simple wedding, where just a few would be invited and i would just want them to have fun, eat good food, dance to the music and sing along and ok, maybe nice red wine would be present as well! by the way, this seems to be a magical wedding, cannot wait to see the rest!

  9. 15

    As I was reading through your post the thought “when a door closes, God opens a window” came to mind. Even though you had to experience what happened to your mom, the Lord gave you these roots and an opportunity to feel a constant in your life.

    How beautiful to know how much He watched(s) over you.

  10. 16
    Good & Crazy says:

    Love the black and whites. Pioneer woman could do a number on these pics…!
    And I don’t know what Debra is talking about…I gotta back up and read the past?

  11. 17
    jenni anne says:

    what great pictures! central utah is very similar to southern utah, that high dessert, that is often hard to love. i have really learned to see the beauty in it, though. we may have a lot of sagebrush, but we also have amazing rocks and canyons!

    happy birthday grandpa!!

  12. 18

    What a great mini vaca! I’m so happy for you that your children get to know your grandpa. These are some priceless memories. Good for you Angie–You deserve it!!

    Beautiful pictures too!

  13. 19
    Threeundertwo says:

    I love that you took the pictures in black and white. Grandparents are so special. Looks like a great vacation.

  14. 20

    I LOVE LOVE the pictures you took. Great pic of your grandather too! Can’t wait to see chapter 2.

  15. 21

    Priceless memories!

  16. 22
    Motherhood for Dummies says:

    there is nothing like good family memories. I have many just like that frmo visiting my grand parents up in Downey, Idaho.

  17. 23

    You and your children are so lucky to have a Grandpa like that. We didn’t have a Grandpa as our parents were quite old when we were born, but my husband had an Aunt and Uncle on a farm in Oklahoma that we would bring the boys to go visit. I think kids need roots like that and a good example to live up to.

    Wonderful B&W pictures – is that the Manti Temple? We’re not LDS, but we stayed at a campground near there once and thought it was very pretty.

  18. 24

    Wow what wonderful photos. I love them. What a great vacation.

  19. 25

    I am glad that you were able to go back and celebrate your grandpa’s birthday with your family. It looks gorgeous and I love the black and white photos. Very touching post. I am sorry about your mom. I did not know that she is no longer with you.

    • 26

      Dear Sweet M and Family Our love and hearts go out to you. We lift you up in preryas to our Almighty Father in heaven. Let His peace come upon you and fill you. Enjoy the found memories of your beloved grandfather. Find joy in your adorable baby. Generational blessings abound! Love you!

  20. 27
    Yes, my name is Arizona says:

    Totally awesome. I’m going to go call my grandpa. They are very special people!

  21. 28

    What a beautiful post with amazing photos! It makes me miss both my Grandpa and my Pop-Pop.

  22. 29
    Heather says:

    Your pictures are so amazing. I can feel the history.

  23. 30

    simply stunning.

    the memories of the past, the present and of what is still to come.

    thanks for sharing :)

  24. 31
    Casey's trio says:

    Your grandpa must have been THRILLED to see you and your family Angie! I bet it was so special for him to have you there. I love the pictures that you shared that show some of your favortie childhood memories. It’s nice to see some land that is just that….land that’s not built on!
    The temple is beautiful.

  25. 33

    Great post! Great pictures. Great memories for your children. It sounds like you had a nice visit and got to visit your family. That is so important.

  26. 34
    Are You Serious! says:

    ♡ Fantastic photo’s and memories!

    Love the pictures!

  27. 35

    What a beautiful post Angie, I love seeing how your past and your present collide….Happy Birthday to your grandfather!!!

  28. 36

    That is lovely. How lucky you are to still have your grandfather to share with your children and to make your memories, their memories.

  29. 37

    So precious! I loved the photos.

  30. 38
    Stephanie says:

    I love the pictures. You are so talented! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

  31. 39
    Cecily R says:

    FAbulous photography and I LOVE the way you mapped this post out. Just a perfect way to capture your memories, past and present.

  32. 40

    What a wonderful post! There is something so special about sharing your memories and your childhood with your own children (and hubby). How neat to take them to a place that hasn’t changed much since you were little.

    Great pictures! You have adorable children.

  33. 41

    Happy 80th Grandpa. What a fabulous post. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love hubby on a mule.

  34. 42

    What a great place to grow up! I love the photos! (B&W are my favorite!)
    I’m so glad you were able to go and spend some time with your G-Pa on such a big birthday!

  35. 43
    -Bridget says:

    Beautiful photos, wonderful memories. I am LDS, but second generation. I don’t have roots in the church like you do, but still very much appreciate the history and all that the early members did and endured.

    • 44

      Most of Salt Lake county is Yellow, but since you are hiehgr up and get the first snow and last snow, I would say go Green! Emily

    • 45

      I miss ice cream for dinner nigths with my momI miss camping out by my son’s crib watching him sleepI miss my cat, shithead’s greetings and the sound he made when he got a bathI miss the sound of the creek that went through mt grandparent’s farmI miss 32 cent ice cream cones from Thriftys on a hot summer dayI miss going to Santa Cruz on Sunday’s with my dad and how peanut butter sandwiches were always crunchy at the beach

  36. 46
    carrie & troy keiser says:

    Love the black n whites to tell your story. This could have been your photo Friday story!
    Happy birthday to your grandpa.

    • 47

      I miss ice cream for dinner ntghis with my momI miss camping out by my son’s crib watching him sleepI miss my cat, shithead’s greetings and the sound he made when he got a bathI miss the sound of the creek that went through mt grandparent’s farmI miss 32 cent ice cream cones from Thriftys on a hot summer dayI miss going to Santa Cruz on Sunday’s with my dad and how peanut butter sandwiches were always crunchy at the beach

  37. 48
    The Pruetz Family says:

    One of your best posts EVER, Angie! I loved reading about this and SEEING your history. The images of the Temple, combined with your description of its local history was incredible.

  38. 49
    Clark Captions says:

    I love it Angie! Just seeing the pictures brought back many fond memories for me too! One of them was watching 7 brides for 7 brothers at your Grandma’s house! (I was always amazed at the beauty of it!)

  39. 50
    Melissa says:

    You say at the bottom of your post that you weren’t brought up in central Utah? So where is this? Where were you brought up?

    • 51

      I miss pillow fthigs with my big brotherI miss long afternoons at the fabric store with my motherI miss the whole family at the dinner table, 6 o’clock, every nightI miss having a big sister who showed me the worldI miss my three little toddlers lined up in the bathtub and their warm clean gigglesI miss TV antennas, station wagons with wooden panels, avocado green appliances, and the smell of VO5 in my dad’s hair

  40. 52

    What a great way to make memories. I love those times. You know your kids will look back at them the same way you did as a kid.
    I loved Jeff riding the horse in his flip flops:)

    • 53

      To our dear Grandchildren,It is heart-breaking that, so far, you are not aware of this link to your Daddy and close family. We are so sorry, eslcaielpy now you are so far away from the comfort of familiar surroundings, it would be so lovely for you to have this connection.In the meantime we will all continue to write about our everyday lives, events and family celebrations on this unique website. Everyone who sees it comments that the love and devotion your Daddy has for you both shines out from every page. We are all very proud of him.Nana and Grandad xxx

  41. 54
    Gunnisac Sandersons says:

    Oh I wish you would have called me! I would have loved to visit with you, I am only 20 minutes away you know! I am so glad you were able to visit your grandparents and I totally agree with the feeling of a constant here. Nice to see those fun pictures.

  42. 55
    Colby & Laura says:

    I love the pictures as well as the memories. It reminds me of visiting Colby’s grandparents on their ranch — it is always a grounding moment in our lives.

  43. 56
    Bonnie the Boss says:

    My ancsetors are from Manti. McCallister, Alder, Cox. You know those poligamists. There are a million of us out there.

    • 57

      I bet with some cleverness, this could be moefiidd into a bow-tie card. I don’t need more neck ties, but I do need more bows. You ladies are doing a really nice job with your site.

  44. 58

    You have a beautiful family.

    I too am a mother of 5, though no twins… all individual births. They are growing up fast…the oldest turned 21 this year. You can see a picture of them on my blog, if you like.

    I found you from Angela (Becoming Me’s) blog.

    The pictures are beautiful…looks like you all had an awesome time….

    Nice to meet you,

  45. 59
    dougandcheryl says:

    I came over to your blog from SITS. I love it. I love these pictures. I ,too, have a connection with this temple. My ancestor did a lot of the paintings in it- CCA Christensen.

  46. 60

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    • 61

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  47. 62

    These are wonderful Donna! That is the BEST ptiruce of my mother I have ever seen (although, you are right that she is NOT the cutest bunny). And to capture all of the kids hunting together was a feat. They were running in so many directions I can’t believe you got them all in the same frame. It was great to see you!

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