Twisted Silver Review-EUREKA!

My love affair with Twisted Silver continues with my newest piece, Eureka.

The Eureka necklace, a newer addition to The Renegade Trip Collection is one of Twisted Silver’s more versatile pieces.

I’m assuming the name of the necklace was “born” because of the three aurora borealis crystals captured in a triangular mesh medallion that is just one part of the necklace that makes it unique.  AND versatile.  This necklace really can be worn in daytime or at night.  Casually, or for a  more dressy occasion.

I’ve worn my necklace with shorts and flip flops, and also for a night out with the girls.  It looks particularly fantastic with stacked Twisted Silver bracelets.

The necklace retails for a mere $50.00.  It’s made up of:

Element: Brass
Length: 18″
Weight: .4 oz
Design size: 2.5″

And is one piece that you’ll definitely want to invest in this summer.

Disclosure:  Twisted Silver sent me the Eureka Necklace to review and are gearing up to give one of you $150 worth of Twisted Silver Merchandise in August.

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      When certain people’s skin perspires against copper, it can turn green. It has to do with one’s body chemistry. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The Eureka necklace’s chain is brass, and probably won’t react quite the same as pure copper. If you’re prone to “greening” I suggest wearing it on the outside of a collared shirt until you know if your skin reacts.

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    The Year in Food and Simple Comfort Food offered bteter visuals of what I needed to do. NOW I get it. You want to pretend like you’re peeling the lemon open so you can assault it with salt (ha, get it?) and then transfer the lemon to a glass jar.

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