Twisted Silver. How much do I love thee?

Let me count thy ways…..

And, while I am at it, tell you about my newest-latest-greatest-piece and do a little bragging about my new-fangled jewelry display.

I was sick and tired of not being able to find my jewelry in my jewelry drawer when suddenly the genius in me reared it’s intelligent little head and gave me an idea.  Of course, I’m sure I’ve never seen this done elsewhere and it’s completely my original idea…….

I found an old frame, used a little gorilla glue to adhere the old poster board I found in my laundry room to the back, and pulled out some sewing pins.  Stuck the pins in where I needed them, hung the pieces and voila!  EASY Peasy! And, now I can find the jewelry I wear regularly  QUICKLY.

Now, about my new-latest-greatest Twisted Silver Piece:

Twisted Silver will be releasing the Cameo Necklace on September 28th.  It’ll retail for $60.00.  It’s from the Aristocratic Safari Trend line, and it’s fabulous.  They way that they (the designers at Twisted Silver) mix traditionally feminine pieces (like a cameo) with bolder, less delicate material really, really appeals to me.  I love that they’ve incorporated their signature Twisted medallion on this piece.  I especially love that I can throw the necklace on with a casual outfit and it adds just the oomph it needs without making it look “dressy”.


I’m assuming you might want a close-up sneak peak, so here it is:

Do you love getting to see jewelry or clothing that no one else has seen yet as much as I do?

Disclosure:  Twisted Silver sent me the Cameo Necklace, and aren’t you glad since I got to “leak” it to you?

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