Tuesday’s Tribute-Birthday’s, Family, Wii, Tennis

Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.
Have you hopped on Jay and Deb’s Tuesday Tribute bandwagon yet?
It’s a day totally devoted to all things non-egocentric. For me, it’s a day to give thanks.
But some how, I always seem to make it about me…..in a round about way. You see, so many of the things I’m grateful for, I’m thankful for because of they way they benefit/effect me.
Like, birthdays.
I love celebrating birthdays. Especially my children’s birthdays…….even though it means they are getting a year nearer to leaving the nest.
January is an especially joyful month for me because 3 of my children celebrate the day of their birth. And so do my sisters.

I’m thankful for our Wii and the hours of fun it has brought our family.

I’m thankful for tennis…..because even though we all pretty much suck, it’s a sport we can enjoy as a family.

And, I’m thankful for living near family. Lot’s and lots of family.
*NOTE: This week only, I’m not posting my Wordful Wednesday post until 12 am Wednesday morning.


  1. 2

    Diane says

    what a handsome little guy! he looks so happy! i love the birthdays too! thankfully tho i only have the 2 each year. otherwise i’d prob go broke cuz i always seem to go waaaay overboard!

  2. 3

    Tracy says

    Wonderful – living near family is truly a blessing!
    blessings to all your children & sisters – especially this month!

  3. 6

    Jay @halftime lessons says

    Thats the most fantastic Birthday cake Ive ever seen…I may make one for myself tonight just for the heck of it!!

    3 birthdays this month? One of them wouldnt be the…28th would it? Selfishly, that day might be special to me… 😉

    Great post, Angie, I always love checking in on you.


  4. 8

    Julie B. says

    I love living near all of my family as well. My in-laws retired and moved away and I just don’t get it. My family IS what makes me happy!

  5. 9

    Jen says

    Birthdays are so much fun. I love all the photos.

    And most of all, I love the fact that Wordful Wednesday is going to be on a Wednesday. Yeah!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    You ROCK!!!!

  6. 11

    Laura says

    Having family nearby is truly a gift…

    Happy Birthday to your adorable boy! We are absolutely loving our Wii too! What are your favorite games?

  7. 12

    Deb says

    happy birthday to your handsome, happy guy. birthdays always make me sad we live so far away from our relatives. but the other 361 days, i’m absolutely FINE with it.

    see you tomorrow. i think i found a photo that just might work.

  8. 14

    Jaysi says

    Ahhhh yes. We are big fan of Wii and tennis as well! Looks like a rockin’ party! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  9. 18

    KatieZ says

    Oh, I so love the Wii. We just got one too and I love that the whole family can play it. I am also very jealous of you! We just moved away from tons and tons of family. Yep…all alone that’s me!

    Cute Tribute!

  10. 24

    Naturally Caffeinated Family says

    What great pics! happy birthday, wow that’s a lot of b-days in January! Looks like a fun great family filled party!

  11. 25

    The Shillingburg's says

    I’m so glad you live close to family now! My family is all pretty much with a three hour radius so we get to see them a lot. Definitely something to be thankful for!

  12. 27

    Mark and Kiss says

    Happy Happy Birthday to Sweet little Garrett! He is so grown up now! How fun that you do tennis together as a family! What a great thing! It’s great to have family to celebrate special days together! I am very happy for you Angie.

  13. 34

    The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic says

    We love our Wii too! And, having twins myself, family and fun go together like the Wii and laughter!

  14. 35

    kathy says

    Oh I like this idea – I had never thought about being thankful for our wii but you are right – it has provided hours of family togetherness and fun for not only our immediate family but for family and friends who come to visit and we all end up laughing and being exhausted.
    I love the pic of your son with the huge birthday candles sticking out of the ice cream cone cake – too cute

    I’m really enjoying your blog – I’m going to add you to my favorites

  15. 36

    Rachel says

    Happy Birthday to your cute little man!! 😉 We love our Wii and Santa brought the Wii Fit for christmas the kids LOVE IT!!


  16. 37

    blueviolet says

    Birthdays are the best because they don’t have to be shared with anybody else and we can focus on the one child completely and without guilt. It’s so fun!

    And, I’m glad you live near family. Is that one of the reasons you moved?

  17. 38

    Tami says

    That’s funny – I’m thankful for tennis for the same reason – and we all pretty much suck too! At least it’s exercise!

  18. 39

    mommaof4wife2r says

    agree…and my problem is that hubs is a college tennis divisional champ. see, that’s not fair! but i can beat him on Wii…so i’ll stick with that!

  19. 40

    hippos toes says

    Wonderful photos! I love tennis and can’t wait to teach our 2 yr old to play. He already has a racket. (I suck too but hubs is pretty good, although he’s no Roger Federer 🙂 ).

  20. 43

    Cherry's Jubilee says

    Awesome things to be thankful for! I have heard soo much about the wiis…we may break down at some point. Love the family shot. cherry

  21. 44

    Coachdad says

    Just bought a Wii for my Christmas for my kids (and me)… we have loved playing it over and over again!Great post as always.

  22. 45

    Rhonda says

    What an awesome birthday picture!!! I recognize him as the easy going, fun loving kid with the incredible smile!!

  23. 50

    Mrs. S says

    Seriously the pictures are so fun!! And so is the Wii! Wii love it here too!

    haha see what i did there? Substitute Wii for We? BAH! Im genious! hahahahaha

  24. 51

    Jenners says

    Wow! Recover from the holidays and head into birthday month for you!

    And isn’t the Wii just fun fun fun! We love it!

  25. 55

    Lindsay says

    Sooooooo sweet. I love that you said you all suck at tennis. LOL!!

    And really – 12am…that means I have to stay up until like, um, 3am. Not. 🙂 I’ll be partaking, just in my time-zone. Hehe.

  26. 56

    brunger bunch says

    Angie, You amaze me. I love to read your blog. It always inspires me. I feel like I see and know whats going on with you, even though I really don’t. Its fun to keep up with the family!!!

  27. 57

    Brandy says

    Doesnt he look happy? I LOVE our Wii and so do my kids! Both my daughter and son seem to be naturals at the sports games Tennis and bowling seem to be there best and favorite games to play. I so love me some Guitar Hero very addictive.

  28. 62

    I am Arizona; a person, not a place. says

    I tried tennis once….

    I’m envious of your sunshine! We’re expecting a blizzard tomorrow!!!!!

  29. 65

    Laurie says

    Angie, he is so stinking cute. Just wait until the girls start calling to talk to him! Does he know what a cutie pie he is?

    Happy Birthday Garrett!!!

  30. 66

    Lane says

    As a tennis coach, I love to see kids start playing the game. Good luck and just think ‘sucking’ in tennis all relative. Fun is the important thing, in addition, if your kids play at the age it looks like their starting, they’ll have really good hand eye coordination anyways.

    Just the Lane Public Service Announcement….love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine.

  31. 68

    WheresMyAngels says

    Happy Late Birthday!

    I love our Wii Fit, cause it is one game we will all compete on and get healthier.

  32. 69

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Oh, I love our wii and all the fun our family has had with it as well. We all play tennis too. Carl is on a whole leval higher than Cora and I am about 4 levels below her, so we have fun, but it is not even there either. I love having family near by! I am so glad you are near your family too. I can’t not comment so I think I am going to have to do the Delurking thing!

  33. 70

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