Tuesday’s Tribute-"beat the boredom" series

What is it?
Well, we’ll tell you what it is NOTIt’s Not About YOU. It’s about SOMEONE ELSE. It’s our chance, each of us, to shine our light on someone else.

Huh? Whaddya mean?
We each spend a lot of time talking about ourselves and our lives, but we are also fairly GIVING people too…Tuesday’s Tribute is a chance to talk about OTHER people, OTHER blogs, OTHER lives.

Now’s your chance to shine your light on someone else.

This week, it’s particularly apropos to spotlight Good and Crazy’s summer “beat the boredom” series called Help! My kids are Driving me Crazy and Better in Bulk’s “summer survival List”. Weekly, all summer long, on Carissa’s blog, expect to see ways in which we can keep our kids occupied during the summer. Lolli’s list has great ideas to get us started NOW that summer has begun. I need all the help I can get. Here’s a sneak peak at Good and Crazy’s weekly line-up……….with thanks in advance.

*Kids in the kitchen

*Kid friendly crafts

*LOOOOONG road trips

*Lemonade Stands

* Kids raising money for a cause

*Summertime Reading with Kids

*Eat Your Veggies


  1. 4

    Design it Chic says

    Oh can my husband be my annoying kid at times??:) He can be pretty good when he puts his mind to it:D I love him like crazy tough:)
    Happy Tuesday, Angie.. and head over my blog cause i have something waiting for you there!:)

  2. 7

    Lolli says

    I just did a guest post on another blog today about my summer survival tips. You should check them out (although, admittedly, it's really nothing new!).

  3. 10

    Shannon says

    With all the rain we have been having, I need lots of indoor tips. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. 13

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    HEY! THANKS so much Angie! You rock! and my 'tribute' post is going up this afternoon, I'll be back to link it!

    We are seriously in the middle of making the DEEPLY dyed macaroni project (as my kids like to call everything lately.. MOM! can we make a project!? )

    Off to the summer fun… 🙂

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