Oh, it’s starting. The name calling. The fighting. The conversations. The not so sweetness.

Jacob whining, “John call me poop”.
John, “diarrhea”.
Jacob, “mom, John call me diarrhea”.
Mom commentary, “nice. Very, very nice”.

Jacob, “Mom. Dad hurt my feelings”.
mom, “I’m sorry”.
Jacob, “I’m mad!”
A few minutes later.
Mom, “Jacob, be nice to your sister”.
Jacob, “I can’t. Me be in bad mood”.

Jacob, “Hi Juannie”.
John, “me no Juannie”.
Jacob, “Hi Tiki!”
John, “me no Tiki!”
mom, “if you are not Juannie or Tiki, who are you?”
John, “me Trouble”.
mom, “boy do you have that one right”.


  1. 6

    Connie says

    They are flippin’ cute Angie!!! I forgot about the Cancun question a while back…will my brain ever come back???? Have wonderful time! We leave tomorrow. We are so excited!

  2. 9

    Yes, my name is Arizona says

    Ugh. I have this going on with Luke and his cousin and I’m not looking forward to the twins’ arguments! Its funny that being called “diarrhea” is upsetting to kids. lol!

  3. 12

    Are You Serious! says

    ♡ Very cute! My kids name call all the time. Drives me crazy! Usually it’s stupid or dumb dumb head or somehting like that… 🙂

  4. 13

    Jaime says

    That’s so funny! My girls aren’t at the stage of name calling…yet. Right now they call eachother by their own name, which is wrong. It tends to confuse people sometimes!

  5. 15

    Rachel says

    Ahhh the joy of Boys! They are even better when they are 8 & 10+ yrs old. Good luck with your cute little man! Thanks for the laugh this morning..

  6. 16

    Good & Crazy says

    hilarious. Maybe we can make a book or something out of all these little kid snippets. The good the bad and the funny?

  7. 17

    Tiffany says

    Hilarious. Wow, your kids are so funny. I think #2 is the best. I think I am going to start using that one.

  8. 19

    My name is Tammie says

    LOL!!! That is so funny! Of course its funny to read it, probably not quite as funny to live it. 😉

  9. 20

    Stephanie says

    They are so stinkin’ cute! Don’t you just want to video record nearly every moment? I always think I’ll remember little conversations like these when Viv says something funny, but then soon forget just how the words came out.

  10. 42

    Casey's trio says

    “Me be in bad mood” sounds just like cookie monster! We have very similar sounding conversations around here…

  11. 43

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Kids are fun, I think we should all be able to just say how we feel like kids do. Your boys are growing up so fast.

  12. 86

    Rhea says

    great conversations!! Love it!

    Seriously, you could post kid conversations all day and night, and I would gobble it up! Love it!

  13. 87

    DysFUNctional Mom says

    It starts so young! I remember my middle girl getting SO mad at her big brother, and with her 1-year-old, limited vocabulary yelled out, “Stop it…DOODOO!!!” I guess that was the worst word she could possibly think of!

  14. 88

    Veggie Mom says

    Wow–I’m having de ja vu here! My SIL has four boys, and I’ve heard a lot of conversations like this. Hysterical! Congrats, BTW, on being the SITS Featured Blogger!

  15. 92

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    smile grin laugh! yeah it’s not just mine with the great inventive name calling! I feel better thank for sharing 🙂
    We have poo-poo heads and meanie butts round here!

  16. 115

    Shannon says

    Love it! My girls have the funniest conversations too but no name calling …yet. I am sure its on its way!

  17. 116

    Bonnie the Boss says

    At least he is willing to admit he is trouble. That way it won’t sneak up on you and bite you in the butt. Too funny!

  18. 117


    Mum, I did detect some ninecess, so I’ve made a mental note about the Christmas list. Granted, “mental” is not usually a good place for me to store notes.

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