Tiki can read my mind…….

He disappeared this morning and wouldn’t answer when I called for him. First clue that he was into BIG trouble. I went searching and found him in Emma’s room. Wearing a necklace and at least 4 rings. He had a purse on his arm, lipgloss in his hand and markers with the felt pieces pulled out all around him. After his solitary free-for-all was interrupted and he saw my face, I didn’t have to say a word. He just answered the question. Cuz. Short for Because.


  1. 2

    Casey's trio says

    At least you won’t have to waste your time asking questions with Tiki. Would love to see what your face looked like…was it shock? horror? trying to hold back the laughter? anger? or all of the above?

  2. 4

    angie says

    The question was, “why did you get into all this trouble?”

    When I found him he jumped about a foot and then said, “cuz”. Can’t be mad at a 2 year old who is trouble in the making with a ready answer for anything! 🙂

  3. 5

    Melissa says

    LOL! I love that. I would have had to say, “don’t move, let me get the camera.” That’s why Hope runs this household 😉

  4. 6

    Laura says

    This is SOOO funny. I too would have loved a picture. I would not have been able to hold back my laughter that is for certain!

  5. 9

    Shannon says

    Kids are too funny! A picture would have been fantastic! I wonder if he was thinking about you finding him and that is why he had the answer so ready to spit out. He knows you so well!

  6. 10

    Cecily R says

    And really, what else needs to be said. Cuz is the reason I put on make up and pull the felt tips out of my markers too! 🙂

  7. 12

    Are You Serious! says

    I’m so glad that my kids aren’t the only ones that get into stuff. Although their ready aswer is, “I didn’t did it.” 🙂

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