This little game

The kids and I play this little game…..well, let me amend that. I always try to make the kids play the “back guessing game” since I get a free back tickle out of it, but it goes like this: The kids draw a number, letter or shape on my back with their finger and I guess what it is. Tonight Garrett and I had this converstation:

Garrett, “what number is it, mommy?”
Me, “Um, a 12?”
Garrett, “NO, MOMMY! It’s an F!”


  1. 2

    Melissa says

    Is that kind of in the ‘close but no cigar’ category?

    I may have to start this game with Hope, would be good for her to use those fingers more.

  2. 3

    Debra says

    That is a cute game. I’ll have to do that with the Olivia. She is just like Garrett. Gets her letters and numbers mixed up.

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