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    Shannon says

    I am glad that I am not the only one with little “nudies” running around. Can’t say that I blame them really. I think I would do the same if I had the choice! And those little buns are just to die for!!!

  2. 2

    Laura says

    They are going to KILL you for posting those pictures someday. So funny though and ADORABLE!. My girls are finally keeping their diapers on… now its time to take them off (potty training soon).

  3. 4

    slw says

    Love pics like this, I take pics of my litle guy when hes nudie( which in the Summer is as often as possible) as i think it’s so nice to have no inhibitions ( and no lumps or stretch marks to worry about!) lol

  4. 5

    Brooke says

    Cute photo! I too love those little butts! We had a great trip and at Yellowstone my dad stayed behind at the cabin with a sour stomach. I had a virus of sorts the day before, couldn’t keep anything down, I think dad got some sort of the same thing the day we were going to go to the park. You should have seen the boy who was from France who was scooping the ice cream for us. He just kept saying 18…18…Yep, 18! Gotta love it when everyone is together.

  5. 6

    triplet mama says

    Let them run around to their hearts content outside with no diapers on! Look out when it’s time to come back in:) My girls are usually assisting one another in taking their diapers off…can’t leave them without any shorts on for too long.

  6. 7

    Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    lol, i love the pictures, and i agree with laura, they are going to kill you! i think most parents have pictures like that though and you get over it 🙂 very cute!

  7. 8

    Michelle says

    Too cute! My girls have gotten good at taking their off too. Little stinkers…I can barely keep bottoms on Mady!

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