The three others……

Grace, Garrett and Emma don’t get as much “picture” time as the twins for no other reason than I only seem to take pictures of trouble in the making. So, here’s my three singletons that hardly get into any trouble!


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    Brooke says

    They are all looking so grown up. I can’t believe how long Emma’s hair has gotten. I know what you mean about pictures. It only seems funny to take pictures of the trouble, not the every day mundane.

    The trim in the house looks wonderful. Does this mean that you are repainting all the walls too? That is a huge project! Good luck!

  2. 2

    Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    aww, very cute pictures! i feel the same way about my kids. i don’t get the older two as much because normally they are off and running around while the twins are right near me. anyway, the pics are adorable!

  3. 3

    angie says

    so you don’t like the trim paint on the walls? I thought we’d keep it and pretend it’s a new trend. ha ha.

  4. 5

    Laura says

    Adorable pictures! Emma’s picture is so cute (well they all are)! All five of your kids are adorable, what a great family you have ended up with!

  5. 6

    Kristin says

    It’s amazing to me how different each of your kids look! Almost like they don’t have the same father….JK

  6. 7

    rachelle says

    They all look like they’ve grown a ton since January….I like Emma w/o bangs….it shows more of her beautiful face! Her dress is so cute too….that color is great on her! Grace’s hair has grown a lot too! Garrett is still just as cute as ever!

  7. 9

    hi my name is mommy says

    Ahhh, they are so cute! What is it about being a multiple that makes you automatically naughty?

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