The Lamest Line I’ve Ever Heard

Last night my sister babysat ALL of my kids so that Jeff and I could go out on a date.

Free babysitting?  A night out without 5 little ducklings in tow?  A gift.  Pure and simple.

Jeff and I decided to go to our favorite Indian restaurant.

There was a table right in front of me (it was behind Jeff) with 3 college students; two girls, one boy.  I’m positive they were college students because they were talking loudly about college courses;  using words like “empirical data” and the effect of X factors on ancient civilizations.  I was listening to their discussion with half and ear wondering to myself  how many years after college it would be before their pretensions ended when I heard this line:

“Do you know why I love hanging out with a bunch of girls?”

Of course the girls at the table eagerly awaited his answer, as I’m sure you are.

Don’t worry.  I won’t disappoint you.

Here comes the Lamest Line I’ve Ever Heard in MY Life.

He said, “Hanging out with a bunch of girls makes my GENES happy when I consider all of the progeny I could spread around”.


He did say that.

For real.

The girls simpered for a minute and then told him that he was “so lame”.

But, I swear to you.  They ate that crap up.


  1. 2


    I read that line to my college kid and her response to my question about why would a guy say that to his friends was:

    “They probably aren’t his friends, he just wants to hook up with them.”

    I am too old for this. I’m just glad my daughter is too smart to fall for something that ridiculous.

  2. 20


    I don’t know what’s worse: their pretentious conversation (no one
    voluntarily discusses that stuff) or the “line.”

    Were you kind of embarassed for him? Did you get “douche chills” as we like
    to call them?

  3. 26


    I dunno what’s lamer…that he said such swill, or that those girls ate it up. It would’ve taken every ounce of restraint I have to prance over to those girls and say, “Ladies, PLEASE…let me school you…”

    And then there’d be the requisite head roll, eye roll, and finger snap. Of course.

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