The Hoodlum Speaks

So the other day (Ok, it wasn’t the other day, it was a few months ago) I was a Target shopping with all of the kids. Just for a visualization, shopping with the kids looks like a woman speed walking (in order to get done ASAP) with a cart full of kids and a few following in the rear. Anyway, as I was speed walking to the toothpaste isle, a young male adult with a sideways hat and ridiculous clothing said in a very self satisfied, smirky way, “she gets BUUUUUSY”. (You get the reference, right?) I was annoyed by his intrusion yet laughed internally because his remark was just so, I don’t know, inappropriate. When he started following me around the store saying the same thing over and over to his sidekick I didn’t laugh. That’s when I decided he was a hoodlum. What I really wanted to do was kick him in the yarbels. I mean, for crying out loud, I haven’t had the birds and the bees talk with my kids yet. Even though the words sound innocent, the tone wasn’t, and kids pick up on that. Sometimes. Luckily, this wasn’t one of them.


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    Jeremiah R. Jones says

    wow. i would have asked the management to throw the guy out. there’s no place for harassment like that anywhere.

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    Crazymamaof6 says

    yarbels! holy cow that is a new and seriously funny one to me! AND what a creepy kid. i would have …given him a dirty look and told him to go away.
    UGH and shopping with all the kids is crazy anyway. and creeepy kid commenting on the amount of “action” you get is disconcerting. glad no one picked up on the TONE.

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    Shannon says

    Kids these days. Did I just say that? What am I, some kind of old fart?? Anyway, I think I would have had to shoo him away. There is just no time in our busy lives to deal with the likes of hoodlums.

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    Kristen Jensen says

    What a little punk! Guess what???! We are really going to do it!! We are going to move to California!!!! Ryan’s boss is going to let him work from home out there! Angie, I’m so excited!!!! Were just trying to decide if we should go out in Oct. right when our contract is up here, or if we should wait until after the Holidays and come out in January. Part of me says THE SOONER THE BETTER! The other part says it would be nice to get one more semester of school done out here first. What do you think?

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    Laura says

    How you kept your cool I will never know. I am always so disturbed when I get exposed to people like that. Gives me pause for our future society. SERIOUSLY!

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    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I am so impressed you didn’t kick him in his yarbels! You deserve an award for keeping your cool!!!!
    What a jerk! Anyway, Good Job Angie for not kicking the hoodlum in the yarbels.

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    latree says

    yea, what are yarbels? I couldn’t find it in my dictionary I always use when I read your blog…
    oh, and that boy, is really annoying. I bet it was being with the kids that didn’t let you do it

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    Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I can’t believe he followed you around! I think I would have said something after a little while. How frustrating!

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    Nancy says

    My vote is that he was a hoodlum that needed a lesson.
    I have not had someone follow me around yet, but having 3 kids in 3 years I’ve heard many remarks that just make me want to laugh. Now I am taking care of a 1 year old. So my ages are 3, 2, 1 and 6 months, but I never let it slow me down. We still go shopping and out to local events. My favorite was Ann Taylor to get a dress. I had all the kiddos in the fitting room as I am trying on dresses as fast as possible. I am sure it sounded like world war 3 but I was really under control.

  10. 16

    Laurie says

    That is just not acceptable I would have gone to the manager. So rude. People like that…UGH!!
    I once had a check out girl look at me (pregnant-@8 months w. Andrea) and say, with a look of disgust, “You think you have enough kids?” I just looked at her and said with a smirk” no, I don’t” She was quite taken back and tried to then make some lame comment on how cute my kids were. paleeze! I just don’t understand some people.

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    Susie says

    I agree–a total hoodlum–and a good yarbel awakening would have served him right!
    Good job keeping your cool in front of the kiddos. Your good karma may have kept them from picking up the dirty ‘street talk’–Great JOB!

  12. 20

    Clark Captions says

    Oh baby! That wouldn’t have flown with me! You are amazing keeping your cool with that one. I’m afraid I would have had a very hard time not letting my words fly…..So sorry you encountered that little punk!

  13. 21

    Casey's trio says

    I would have been SO pissed. He would have gotten the stink eye from me atleast. I’m impressed that you kept your cool!

  14. 22

    Cecily R says

    Yarbles…perfect. Who raised that kid?

    I so would have had to bite my tongue not to say anything…but if i had it would have come out stupid and I would have regretted it…that always happens to me…

  15. 24

    Good & Crazy says

    I think I would have at least faked a phone call into 911. Creepy. I never have good come backs when I need them…

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    jenni anne says

    oh man, you have a lot more composure than i do. i always end up yelling at people like that. i’ll have to blog about the time i yelled at some guys fresh out of prison during a cross country trip on greyhound. afterwards i’m always praying that i don’t get murdered in the parking lot after an outburst.

  17. 30

    Leslie says

    Ok, I love that word…”yarbles.” With four boys and many words to describe those very special parts this is a funny one indeed. And though it seems kind of funny in hindsight, I probably would have said something. I don’t tolerate punks very well…I guess I’ve forgotten what it was like to be one.

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