The Grounds at the Norton Simon Museum

I like the grounds at the Norton Simon Museum almost as much as I like the inside. My kids definitely like them better, and it’s no wonder because it really is like a private oasis with really incredible landscaping. Plus, it’s outside, and anything outside is always better in their estimation.

The grounds at the Norton Simon Museum


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    That looks like a great museum. It is snowing here today and the green grass and beautiful gardens look amazing. And of course you have quite the bunch of cute kiddos!

  2. 4


    Beautiful! It reminds me of a place here in Central Florida called Bok Tower. I should share photos from our visit so you can see the similarities.

    Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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    So I LOVE the last shot. Because, geez, you two are beauties. But I also LOVE the one from behind of four of your kids looking into the water. Fantastic!

  4. 17


    Wow. The grounds are just gorgeous. I just might have to take my girls their. I don’t think they are ready for the inside just yet LOL but surely ready to explore the beauty of the outdoors. I can’t wait till mine are old enough to appreciate museums and art galleries.

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