The Getty-Outside

A few days ago I showed you the views from The Getty Center and what the museum built out of travertine looks like.

Today I’d like to show you my favorite part of the museum.

The gardens.

The Gardens at The Getty

Aren’t they beautiful?

I’m playing along with Cecily and Lolli today.

Congrats to my giveaway winners:

$75.00 Memory Mixer software and album:  Katie

$50.00 Premade/Handmade package:  Kristina @Balancing Budgets and Babiess

$20.00 Shey B gift certificate:  Michelle of One Crafty Mama


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    I was looking forward to seeing these pictures! I went to The Getty with a group of teachers for a conference. The museum was nice, but the gardens…I could spend days there.

    Those are beautiful shots! Happy Friday!

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    I see why they are your favorite they are amazing! I wish it looked like that here right now. But we are still battling snow. Oh well.

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    I am still doing the happy dance over winning the Memory Mixer giveaway!!! Thank you again for hosting such a fun one.

    Am so jealous of all the lovely blooming flowers you’ve got in CA right now. Staring at the snow outside I’m reminded how when we lived outside of San Francisco, March was of my favorite time to enjoy the drive to work. The rolling hills would be such a vibrant green, almost unreal.

    I remembered why we didn’t make it to The Getty, we went to The Huntington Library instead. I’d seen that in a travel mag so that was on my list of must do’s when on our SoCal trip.

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    wow. So lovely. I think my favorite part about gardens is the sheer organization. Esp knowing mine will never (ever ever ever) be that organized and well pruned.

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    Oh my goodness, the gardens are beautiful!!!!!!!! The last time I have been to something similar was Cypress Gardens here in FL, the oldest theme park. It’s focus is on the gardens and all the bushes designed as animals and such.

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