The Embarrassment Never Ends….Part Deux

My very last post was about how my children embarrass me.  I bring this up only to prove my point.  Which is, my children (one in particular) embarrass me.  Over and over again.

Going into motherhood, I seriously had NO IDEA how often THEY would embarrass me.

You’d think I’d be immune by now, but the reality is, I’m not.  Every single time they embarrass me, I wonder:

  1. How in the world it’s possible to feel so awkward as a result of something my child has said or done.
  2. What were they thinking?
  3. Why?  Why me?

Just yesterday Jeff and I were at my in-laws house and John was playing in this grassy field that is right outside of their house.  He saw a neighbor and engaged him conversation from across the street.  Since the conversation took place from across the street, and he had to yell, I could hear every word.  John basically grilled him.

  • “What’s your name?”,
  • “Is that your wife?”,
  • “Do you have any kids?”,
  • “Is your baby in the car?”,
  • “What are you doing?”

The man didn’t seem to mind and kept answering his questions so I stayed out of it.

Then, the neighbor went into his garage, took of his shirt so that he could wash his car (it was really nice and sunny out) and I heard John yell:

“Hey!  Could you put your shirt back on?

The neighbor did.  He put his shirt back on, and I wanted to die.

I had to intervene at that point and apologize.  I hate having to do that.

All I could think was, “and those words came out of the mouth of he who takes his shirt off any chance he can get”.


“Why me?”

You can read about my ultimate embarrassment here.  And here. Or another little something that just happened this month, here.


  1. 4

    Laurie Johnson says

    you are a good friend to publish these “antics”:) just for me. 🙂
    Just think they probably will get it all back when they have kids. My brother-in-law has that going. He kept things “interesting” for his parents and now he has a son doing the same for him. So just think someday they will probably be calling you up saying “mom, do you know what they did?”:)

  2. 5


    Bahahahah!!! He was probably totally quoting whatever you say when he takes his shirt off. That’s hilarious!
    A really bad one happened to my little sister with her daughter. They were at the grocery store and Ali had told Eden that she would not buy her any junk food because she wanted her to be healthy or something. Then, of course, in line, there was a rather large woman with a cart full of stuff–including donuts. And Eden told the lady– You shouldn’t be eating all that stuff– it’s unhealthy and it made you fat. — poor Ali could have died!!
    And kids put their own spin on things–interpreting our words all sorts of ways.
    Hahah! Good times.
    .-= Jo´s last blog ..Award =-.

    • 6

      Angie says

      I would have died. So funny though if it doesn’t happen to you. 🙂 Grace asked me once “why that man was so fat” right in front of him. I wanted the earth to swallow me up.

  3. 12

    Charlene says

    My kids are now 18 & 20 and they embarrassed me plenty when they were little. I do have some good news for you. The tables turn when they become teenagers, then you get to embarrasse them (lol). Just something to look forward too 🙂

  4. 14

    Jennifer B says

    hahaha! I am so sorry to laugh at your expense, but it seems so random it’s so funny. Kids are very embarrassing. My worst was when my daughter sang my Grandma (very prim, proper lady) some poop fart song on the phone. I swear I curled up into a ball.

  5. 15


    Yeah, just wait until the day when another parent stops you to chat and asks how your child is. And your response has to be “I don’t know. She quit school and ran away from home.”

    Trust me. That one sucks.

    On a positive note, I have heard that she’s back at school and has done very well for two whole days in a row. Sigh….
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..What’s Your Status? =-.

  6. 18


    Check out my Blush and Cringe sections on my blog.

    Sadly, they are my OWN DOING!

    What is wrong with me? Why does society allow me out in public?

  7. 19


    OH my… that is sort of funny if the kid is in the story is not yours:) As my kids are now becoming really vocal and starting to talk in bigger sentences, I just know my time of embarrassment is just around the corner…

  8. 20

    Melissa says

    That cracks me up!!! It really isn’t so bad… My kids tend to shout out that mans naked even if he only is missing the shirt or something like that’s so BAD really loud when they see tattoos or my favorite the BOY has GIRL hair!!! and always at the top of their lungs!!! 🙂

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