The Diaperless Duo

Are officially and completely potty trained!

This is momentous in my household. Huge It is the first time in 8 and a half years that I don’t have to buy diapers. Since Grace has been born, I have never NOT had one, two or three children in diapers at all times. Loosely, I figure I’ve purchased and disposed of over 25,000 diapers. The thought of the amount of landfill those have occupied makes me shudder, but the thought of NOT using disposable diapers makes me shudder harder.

Now that I have 5 potty trained little individuals I think I am somewhat of an expert (snicker) in potty training. Here’s my advice. And please, keep it a secret because if word leaks out the potty training industry might suffer. Wait, why would I care about that? Shout it from the rooftops if you want. Here it is:

When they are ready, they will do it themselves. Period. End of story.

Unless my children are some sort of potty training genius’, all that is needed to potty train a child is the desire. On their part. Without exception, I knew that my children were ready to potty train when they cried when I tried to put a diaper on them and they asked for underwear. I didn’t use special potty chairs or tangible incentives (I think verbal praise goes a long way). What I do do is put them in big kid underwear, and help them to use the bathroom when they need to. Once they are successful for a week…….no diapers during the day at all, then they get to go to the store and pick out their own package of underwear. I usually use a Pull Up at night for the first few weeks to make sure they are dry through that stretch and if they are, then the Pull Ups disappear and we are home free. And that’s where we are now. And I couldn’t be happier. Wait, I could be. When I’m officially done wiping butts I’ll be a happier woman.

Now, for all of you that have multiples, potty training has added perks. Like two potty using machines in the bathroom at seemingly all times fighting over who gets to go first, and once that is settled, being their siblings cheering team. After of course trying their hardest to stick their own head in the toilet to make sure stuff is coming out. And the best part? Two or more sets of clothing to take off and put back on every. single. time. they. need. to. go.


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    Tamara says

    Wow! What a great milestone! I am so jealous. I’m gearing up for two in diapers since I know Abigail won’t be ready for potty training before this baby comes. Oh well, hopefully she won’t be to far away from that mark.

  2. 3

    Brooke says

    Good for you! I am starting to dread the idea of more than one child in diapers. I thought it was expensive to have one in them at at a time, but TWO! Hat’s off to you! Way to go.

  3. 6

    4 Little Men & Twins says

    yeah for no more diapers! and I agree with you… they just do it when they are ready.


  4. 7

    Debra says


    Can’t wait for my turn!!!

    And ITA with ya on waiting till they are ready.

  5. 9

    Shannon says

    I. AM. SO. JEALOUS!!!!! Aren’t girls supposed to be easier to train than boys? I am going to take your advice and go straight to the underwear. How sad is this, I let the girls wear Sam’s Cars underwear the other day and they loved it. They stayed dry for about 2 hours and then they both had accidents. Time to go get some pretty princess underpants! Thanks for the great tips!

  6. 10

    Melissa says

    I couldn’t agree more! Waiting for them to be ready is best! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be for you.

  7. 11

    Jocasta says

    Sounds like a far better idea than what I did with Trelise – a whole year of trying to train. I will never do that again! This time I certainly will be waiting until they beg me for underpants!

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    Laurie says

    Congrats! Please tell me if you have any adivce for a child who loves to go pee pee on the potty and does a great job at number one, but refuses to do number two. Any suggestions are appreciated

  9. 13

    Lindsey says

    All I can say is that you make it look easy. I do think my girls were ready but it was NOT easy. We did exactly what you did and firmly believe that is the only way to go. I just think girls are harder to potty train. Having to find a bathroom every five minutes (at first) was totally lame.

    YAHOO for you!

  10. 16

    Heather says

    Those boys are totally rad. Haddie is ready to go for it, I’m sure. Am I? Ugh, I don’t know!

  11. 17

    Cecily R says

    Congratulations all around!! Holy cow I think you should have a party. At least take what you would have spent on diapers this month and go buy something cool.

    I am a terrible potty training parent. Gracie reveled in the idea of choosing her own underwear, but just wanted to put them on over her diapers. And she did. Because I am lame and a big push over. Sigh.

  12. 18

    Jessica says

    Congrats..That is huge. What will you now do with all that extra money spent on diapers? I am with you on the wiping booties:)…
    Great pic of the boys too!

  13. 19

    andrea j says

    I’m sure the good outweighs the bad!! YIPEE for no more diapers, especially since you were buying for two! 🙂 Great advice too. I had one who trained right after 2 and another who was 3 1/2 when he finally stopped having accidents. Each for his own.

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!

  14. 21

    Don Mills Diva says

    Congratulations! I agree with you on this too – I have no intention of “training” my son – it sounds worse to me than changing diapers. When he’s ready to use to toilet I reckon he will…

  15. 22

    Are You Serious! says

    ♡ That is AWESOME!!! I was elated when my twins finally potty trained. Lane went first. Eliza didn’t want to but I think it was easier that way. I’m with you ALL THE WAY on waiting until THEY’RE ready! I wish I had known that with Emma! Life would have been SO much easier! Congrats! Oh and the 3 at a time diapers does suck!!! 🙂

  16. 23

    Rachel says

    Happy day! I am potty training my little man right now & it’s going all right. One of these days he’s going to catch on.


    Ps. My signature bird was done in Photoshop. Easy peasy! If you need help let me know.

    rberry at eoni dot com

  17. 24

    Melissa says

    Yes yes, Yuki is going to be a different story than Masaru. Good, good advice for sure. I’ll let you know how she goes with the new, wiser mum.
    P.S Did you see the latest pic’s of Masaru?
    It’s a hoot.

  18. 25

    Clark Captions says

    Congratulations Angie!!! That is very exciting! I am hoping my little Alex, who just turned three, will get interested soon. Right now he is still traumatized over the flushing incident of Spencer’s undies! But, I am trying to be hopeful. Yay for you!

  19. 26

    Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!! Luke is 3 and a half and still not potty trained. He was doing really well and was excited about using his potty and then all of a sudden he wanted diapers again. I think its because he wants to be just like his sisters. I’m hoping Sunny and Ellie want to potty train soon…they can show Luke how its done!! lol!

  20. 28

    Bonnie the Boss says

    YAY!!! I am so excited for you. WTG! I just hope they don’ttry playing swords, my brothers used to do that. Yikes.

  21. 29

    Sarah says

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I cannot believe that they have done it. It seems that they are to young…but I guess not. I am so impressed. Now your boys need to show my Henry how it is done! Congratulations to you and Jeff!

  22. 30

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Yay!!!! I am so glad for you. I still have a few more spirits to bring to earth, so I am going to be disposing more diapers. Congrats!!!!!

  23. 31

    Threeundertwo says

    Pop the champagne! Congratulations! I remember when we left the changing table out by the street and the charity truck came to pick it up. I count it among the happiest moments of my life.

  24. 32

    Mama's Losin' It says

    Yay! Congratulations!! I’m totally with you on the “when they’re ready they’ll go” thing. I’m amazed at parents who try to force potty traing at 12 months. Good for you!! And them!!

  25. 33

    MoziEsmé says

    Yeah for you! I like your approach. I am kinda tired of hearing how my hubby & siblings were trained at 1 year. What they did was sit on the toilet half the day waiting to go.

  26. 34

    Tracy says

    We are NOT there yet – and it’s a bit tiring to think I still have 3 left to potty train – but Stella (2yrs) is NOT ready yet – so I agree w/you – when she’s ready – we’ll do it.
    I’m a bit jealous – I am looking forward to a world w/NO diapers.

  27. 37

    Laurie M. says

    Congratulations!! So nice to get to that point! I waited until my kids were ready too. So easy to potty train a kid that actually wants to do it.

  28. 38

    Taya says

    And now what will you do with yourself? Baby number six on the way? 🙂 Ha ha! JK! LOL!

  29. 39

    Jaysi says

    Congrats!!!! That is super exciting. I couldn’t agree more with your advice. I went straight to udnerpants as well. I don’t see the point in Pull Up….except at night of course. Way to go boys!!!

  30. 40

    Kristin says

    39 comments!! Man Angie, you’re too popular. I was just thinking today about giving Ella a go. She’s almost 2. I’m not sure she has the desire, but I really need a break between kids. I can’t do the 8 year stretch, one of the reasons I’ll still be diapering into my 40’s. Sigh. Sadly, I know your advice is right on, they won’t do it till they’re want to. I’m just thinking maybe she just needs a little ‘push’. It never works, but hey, maybe 4th time is the charm!

  31. 41

    Heather says

    From one twin mom to another, CONGRATULATIONS!! My girls are 3 and a half and one has it down, but the other is terrified of the potty. And I’m like you…she’ll do it when she’s ready. She just needs to hurry up and be ready!!

  32. 42

    Genny says

    We’ve been “diaperless” for a while, and it is a beautiful thing! (Minus how the kids always wanted to try out every bathroom in every store on every errand…oh my)

  33. 43

    Leslie says

    Congratulations on joining the families without diapers club…it is a wonderful thing! I couldn’t agree with your advice more. After training four and trying every which way, I also found that it is impossible when the child has no desire. It’s an exciting day!

  34. 44

    Churchill says

    Yay boys! What great news. I hope you spend some of the money you save on diapers to treat yourself!

  35. 45

    Good & Crazy says

    Oh my gosh. Congrats. Double congrats!
    You’re awesome. Some moms never learn this crap…ha, ha.

    And i keep telling myself, when he goes on his first date i will NOT have to follow them in order to wipe his BUTT!! (I pray anyway).

  36. 46

    Motherhood for Dummies says

    yea for potty training! I am sooo not looking forward to that with my Lucy…. not at all!

  37. 47

    Laurie says

    I am excited and happy for you but SOOOO Jealous!!! Aaron made this remarkable progress, and then turned the switch off. And at this time is purposly irritating his sister and her friend, gotta go.

  38. 48

    Mrs. R says

    That is exactly right. For my son, “They will do it when they are ready applies to just about everything. When you leave the hospital, they should just hand you a piece of paper that says it!”

  39. 49

    Stephanie says

    Yahoo!!! What a milestone. Were you sad at all about not buying diapers? I find myself glancing at “baby” things, since I don’t buy little itty bitty baby things anymore. Way to go boys!

  40. 50

    Mark and Kiss says

    A definite success Angie! Is this your largest response to a posting, 50 comments? Wow! You can tell one thing that all of us mom’s can relate to, potty training, heh, heh.

    It makes me want to put underpants on Stephan and see what he does…


  41. 52

    carrie & troy keiser says

    Yipee! there is nothing better than “big kid” undies! Congrats to you all. I hear ya on the butt wiping, I keep thinking mine should be able to wipe on their own….. soon, yes?! 🙂

  42. 54

    S Club Mama says

    This post (and your giving of said advice in post) have totally helped me out through this stage of toddlerhood. I keep thinking he should be ready but I know that he's not showing me the signs, but I know that each day brings us closer!

    Thanks so much for all of your encouragement always!

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