That’s not allowed, either!

Look at these multi-taskers. They managed to pull a chair into the kitchen, climb up onto the counter together, play with the glasses alerting mom that they were up to no good, and when I catch them, John makes time to reach on top of the fridge and Jacob decides it’s the right time to clear that nose.


  1. 2

    Laura says

    OH my! I cringe seeing how close they were to all those glasses! Twins really do everything together and when its naughty stuff, its really naughtY!

  2. 3

    Casey's trio says

    That could have been REALLY ugly had they pulled those glasses down…good thing you heard the clink-clink of the glasses just in time!

  3. 5

    Shannon says

    Little Rascals! I love how how upon being caught, the finger goes into the nose. Gracie does that too. Cracks me up!

  4. 7

    Melissa says

    It’s amazing how resourceful kids can be, especially when there two! I have found that my twins got in SOOOOO much more trouble than my first ever did and they come up with some amazing thing to get into. Good Luck!!!

    Melissa M.

  5. 9

    carrie & troy keiser says

    do you have an instigator? Listen and see around here we hear “c’om Scott, lets go ….” yup twins are SO much more FUN than one! 😀

  6. 10

    latree says

    Twins are double blessing so hard to deal with. Mine cannot stay still for a while. They’re cute, but together they can turn into ‘monster’…. But still I love them!
    How old are JnJ?

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