HUGE Teacher Appreciation {Giveaway}

Today I am over at Skip to my Lou guest posting today for a Teacher Appreciation Series.

As part of the series I get to share this fabulous: Show your Appreciation Giveaway {1 for you and 1 for your favorite teacher}!

This is one AMAZING giveaway!
We are giving away a fabulous Prize Package worth more than $1,000!
One lucky winner and their favorite teacher will receive…

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  • 2 Michaels gift cards $50 each Don’t forget to tell your teacher they can get 15% off every day at Michaels with their special teacher discount!
  • 2 Bundles of a years worth scrapbook supplies from American Crafts (valued at more than $1,000)! Basics like paper, scissors, trimmers, glitter, etc. – and then some fun patterned paper to take you both through the entire year!

It is easy to enter simply wait for rafflecopter to load and enter there.

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If you really want to win Remember to follow the entire series because you can get a new entry each day by visiting the featured blogger!


  1. 1


    Why do I love my child’s Teacher?… that’s really hard to compress down into a comment. My youngest’s teacher this year is just a terrific man!. He goes above and beyond with his class, and really connects with each student. He teaches not only the basic curriculum, but also how to be a good person. There’s more that just reading writing and arithmetic to being a good student. There’s honesty, integrity, kindness, respect… and he IS what he Teaches. Plus he is funny, and approachable. His students every year love him, and as a parent you wait with baited breath hoping your child will be assigned to his class. So to be able to give him this prize to use would be amazing. Budgets are stretched so thin, and this would go a long way!.

  2. 2

    pye squire says

    My granddaughter teacher really works to pull her out of her shell ,She also understand the important of Arts she even teaches arts and crafts after school

  3. 3


    I love my child’s teachers (he has 2) because they are able to balance being excellent educators and taking care of classroom discipline, but also still being loving and nurturing.

  4. 4

    Kailee says

    The thing I love most about my fav teacher is she always makes every student feel special and loved! She makes class fun and I don’t know a student that doesn’t look forward to her class.

  5. 5

    sandra says

    This teacher is s wonderful person. She has such a heart for children and is so giving of her time. She also loves God and I can really appreciate that.

  6. 6

    Andrea says

    My son’s teacher is so passionate about making sure her students learn and know they are loved. She always says the right things to inspire them and looks for the best in them each and every day.

  7. 7

    Tammy says

    What a great giveaway. It would be hard to pick one of my 4 teachers, they are all wonderful. All have gone above and beyond to help my kiddos. I work at the school too and see just how much all the teachers do to help children. They really give more than they get paid for, I am sure any teacher would appreciate this.

  8. 10

    dawn g says

    My younger kids go to a small elementary school and i love all their teachers-they go way above and beyond what they have to do for all the kids

  9. 11

    Debra Goodwin says

    I am a grand mother but she isn’t in school yet. If I win I intend to donate this to a local school’s art teacher because in South Carolina our Govenor has decided that art is not important to our children.

  10. 23

    Meg says

    I love that my kiddo’s teachers love her so much & are always looking out for her best interest. They share the things they see in her that we may not get to at home, and work with us on things that we’re working on at home. They are true partners in her growth and development. 🙂

  11. 25

    Kimberly says

    My children’s teachers are always trying their best to ensure that the lessons they teach truly “sink in,” and are not just “stuck in the head long enough to pass” – they truly care!

  12. 26

    Christine says

    I love that my daughter’s teacher helps to pull her out of her shell and motivates her to do her very best!

  13. 27

    Julie Nettleton says

    I love that my daughter’s teacher loves her, as she does all of her students. She works with the kids realistically.

  14. 29

    Joanne M. says

    My son’s teacher has such a great rapport with his students. They respect him and enthusiastically strive to meet the expectations he sets out for them.

  15. 30

    Laura says

    Hi, I am a Kindergarten Teacher’s Assistant and have been for too many years to count. I can tell you first hand how much energy and heart and soul is poured into teaching young children. My oldest daughter teaches First Grade and my youngest daughter is going to college to teach Middle School science. After all that they have seen themselves and have seen through my eyes, they both have decided that teaching is for them. It would be so nice to have these tools for the two classrooms that we work with and the future third classroom. I hope we win!

  16. 31

    Charlie says

    My son has one of the most wonderful 2nd grade teachers…can’t wait til my kindergartner is able to have her too! I know she’d love something like this!

  17. 45


    broxton is in Pre-K…
    I LOVE his teacher… she made me felt welcome to talk to her anytime about him and how he is doing…
    She sends newsletters in email to update us on what has been going on each week…
    she always greets me with a smile and it meant so much that she showed up at his birthday party!!!!

  18. 46

    Luanne Pang says

    My son is on his 2nd year as preschool so this is the first teacher I have an experience with. She’s very attentive and patient to the kids.

  19. 47


    This post appeared on teetxnsthp at 11:39 AM. I visited nxtasy after I visited your site and it wasn’t there. Now it magically appears at 11:38 AM. That’s one thing I don’t like about blogs. Its easy to manipulate the timestamp and be the “first to publish”Derek

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