Sprinkle Breakfast {DIY} ~ Donuts & Chocolate Milk

My kids love to have sleepovers during the summer and it occurred to me that it would be really fun to have a fun Sleepover Sprinkle Breakfast made up of  chocolate milk with sprinkles and donuts with sprinkles.   Are you seeing the sprinkles theme?   The donuts and chocolate milk are not only a combo that kids love to eat, but it looks adorable too.  Here’s how to put together a breakfast that the kids will definitely remember and that will only take you about  ten minutes. No recipe required.

sprinkle breakfast

Sprinkle Breakfast Ingredients:

sprinkle breakfast

  • Sprinkles
  • Lemon
  • Paper Straws
  • Chocolate Milk – I used powdered milk because I didn’t have regular milk.  Oops.  That’s why it looks frothy in the pictures.  The kids didn’t even complain.  I’d recommend regular milk though. :)
  • Donuts – I bought mine.  Obviously.
  • “Milk Bottles” ~ the bottles shown here are actually these.  If you don’t drink coffee like me, just dump the beverage out and keep the bottles around for parties. :)

How to Put Sprinkles on Milk Bottles:

So they look like this:

sprinkle breakfast

sprinkle breakfast

Step 1:  Cut a lemon in half and then rub around rim of milk bottle making sure to cover the entire rim.

Step 2:  Roll rim of milk bottle in sugar sprinkles.

sprinkle breakfast

Step 3:  Use funnel to pour beverage into milk bottle for best results.

Step 4:  Add paper straw.

Step 5:  Serve to children and enjoy being #1 for a few minutes.  :)

sprinkle breakfast

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Vanilla Chex Mix {recipe}

How to Make Vanilla Chex Mix looks easier than it actually is.  Maybe I’m just deficient in the art of chex mix making, but it’s a messy business and those Chex pieces are harder to cover than they seem.  On the upside, it’s a treat that looks super cute and tastes really yummy.    This Vanilla Chex Mix Recipe uses Rice Chex cereal, Instant Vanilla Pudding, white chocolate baking chips, Peanut M&M’s, and candy sprinkles.  The mix is perfect for a birthday party, Valentine’s Day, or customize the color to match your party or event!   It’s a great homemade gift idea for friends and neighbors, too!

Vanilla Chex Mix

I found this recipe on Butter, with a Side of Bread.  Their recipe uses Strawberry Cream Pudding (hard to find) which gives the mix a strawberry flavor and they don’t use nuts in their recipe, but inspiration definitely comes from them with thanks!

Vanilla Chex Mix Ingredients

Vanilla Chex Mix ingredients

  • 6 cups Rice Chex Mix
  • 12 oz bag of white chocolate baking chips
  • 1 box of Instant Vanilla Pudding (you’ll use 4 TBS of mix)
  • Peanut M&M’s
  • Candy Sprinkles
  • Food colorant (I used magenta colored gel by Wilton’s)

Directions {step-by-step}

Vanilla Chex Mix

MELT white chocolate baking chips in microwave safe dish in microwave.  My 12 oz. bag took about 2.5 minutes.  I’d recommend melting your chips in 30 second increments.

ADD 4 TBS of Vanilla pudding mix to melted white chocolate.

Vanilla Chex Mix

ADD food coloring.  Just add enough drops for desired color.  Stir in.

Chex Mix

MIX 6 cups of Chex mix into melted chocolate.  Good luck with this part.  It’s harder than it looks to try to cover the Chex pieces without breaking them.

Vanilla Chex Mix

SPREAD mix onto wax paper and then add M&M’s and sprinkles.

LET cool.

Vanilla Chex Mix

ENJOY, GIVE as a GIFT, or let the chex mix be part of your birthday party decor like I did for my daughters party!

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