What do you think? 

I’m loving the snazzy new me. 

May I just tell you how hard {mentally} it was for me to move from Blogger to WordPress?  The actual implementation of the switch has been amazingly painfree thanks to my creative design consultant team {you know who you are}, my blog header designer {Scary Mommy} and the designer/technician/goddess  who swiched me over and took care of all the glitches {Shauna}.

Apparently I’m a creature of habit and change is scarier for me than I anticipated.

Next week I’m giving away 6 of my favorite things to celebrate……and to thank you for following me over. 

I *DO* appreciate it!

Stay tuned for more details!  🙂


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    Well I LOVE it! So much more functional and definitely the same circus. You’ll get used to the different applications and stuff. It does everything Blogger does and more. Baby steps. 🙂

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    I absolutely love it, Angie. Super fun. Glad to hear the transition was smooth!

    p.s. Following you. (I’ve finally put the follower gadget on my blog and have started to use that feature. Took me long enough! lol)

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      Angie says

      I almost had an anxiety the first time I saw the WP dashboard. I have so much to learn, but I think I’ll catch on very quickly. 🙂

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    I love it!!! The header fits perfectly!!! Everyone is making the switch it seems. Once my design is completely done i just might have to myself. I just got comfortable with blogger and the new look at my place. My designer only works with blogger. Congrats on your new look and switch!

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    This looks wonderful! You’ve taken the plunge so I guess I will too. I’ve been holding out but the New Year will be a new me, in more ways than one!

  5. 67


    Wow, look at the new digs. After coming here for SO long it seems weird the very 1st time to see it different. I remember feeling that way with Lulaville. But it’s awesome. Enjoy!!

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I do love the new look, Angie. I know I’ve already told you, but I had to come back hunting for the announcement that I knew would be here. What a fun surprise!

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