Stopping Time

I know that I’ve said this about a million times, but I want a time stopping machine.

I’d use it all the time.

All the time.

For example, if I had a time machine, I’d freeze frame this moment

so that I could fully enjoy it instead of watching it disappear before my very eyes.  I wouldn’t just passively watch my twins singing a song on their first day of Kindergarten, I’d feel it.  I’d savor it, and I’d make sure that I could remember it in my minds eye instead of needing a photo to remind me.

There are so many moments like these that I wish I could get back.

If I can’t have a time stopping machine, I’d appreciate a better memory.

I don’t think that’s asking too much.


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  1. 9


    I’d stop time right about now. The Dudes are largely self-sufficient while still being remarkably cute. This won’t last and I know I’ll be sad when they start to stink.

  2. 10


    It would be lovely to stop time, for a little while. Since I’ve been at this mom thing for 34 years, I have forgotten far more things than I have remembered…and now I have grandkids to share the present with!

  3. 17


    The other day my three and a half year old daughter was yet again on the computer watching videos of herself at swim class when she clicked over to some older video footage from when she was not quite two. I had not watched this particular clip for a long time and it took my breath away, seeing just how tiny she was, looking still like a baby (although at the time we thought she looked so much NOT like a baby anymore). Then I heard myself asking her to do her “funny walk” which she did – like an old bent man shuffling forward. I had forgotten all about that funny walk. My memory is awful. We think we remember so much but we do not.

    So now I am resolved to video my daughter a lot more . I cannot stop time, but I can with the help of lots of video footage at least watch and remember.

  4. 18


    You know blogging is kind of like that stop time machine – it really makes you think about each memory that you are going to write about it – how you felt – what you thought – how it changed you – what you want to remember and forget. 🙂

  5. 21


    Oh my. I would just stop time today and not let my girls get any bigger at all. I am starting to freak a little at how fast they are growing. Tears have been shed. Kindergarten really?!?!?!?

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