Sometimes My Children Embarrass Me.

Wait.  Did I spell embarrass correctly?  I don’t believe that I have spell check in my title bar.

Yes. It appears I did.


I hope that all you mother’s out there had a spectacular day full of pampering and relaxation.  And gifts.  Not to brag or anything, but I scored a few really great gifts and didn’t have to cook.  Most importantly though, I scored some really touching cards full of heartfelt sentiment.  I’m a sucker for those.  I already have them filed away in my stash of cards that I will save forever and must be rescued should my house burn down.

Oh, speaking of heartfelt accolades, Parenting By Dummies was going to send me a card telling me what a great mother I am and how much she adores me and my writing style, but instead she published something on her blog.  Totally made my day.

Now, back to my story.

Sometimes My Children Embarrass Me.

It doesn’t happen very frequently since they’d rather humiliate me instead, but every once in awhile one of them (and by one of them, I mean one or both of the twins) will pull a social faux pas that makes me want to be four again and join them. (As opposed to the times when they humiliate me making me want to disown them and the ground to swallow me up.)

Yesterday at church I got wind of a little event that transpired.

A little event in which my son interrupted a whole room full of children by opening his button-up shirt, standing up in front of everyone and lifting his chair over his head,  making a grrrrrrrr sound like he was The Hulk.

I was embarrassed when I heard the story and was forced to have a  talk with him about proper church conduct (“that’s not it, buddy, in case you were wondering”).

To tell the truth though,  what I really secretly wish is that I was there to witness the act in person.  And that it was someone else’s kid that did it.

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  1. 7

    Kirsten says

    I love it! What a perfect Mother’s Day gift, a good laugh! I am sure all the other little boys thought he was pretty cool, I know Stephan would be right along his side….maybe even throw the chair for more dramatic effect. Very funny Angie….love your kiddos.

  2. 9


    That’s funny. I taught nursery last year and believe me when I say if I got every parent whose child did something inappropriate in church I would have never been in class haha! You are not alone. It was though sometimes my own kid doing the bad deeds!

  3. 11


    My kid rarely embarrasses me it’s my husband that has made it a hobby! Happy Belated Mother’s Day!
    .-= Kathy´s last blog .. =-.

  4. 17


    that’s AWESOME! I love those two. So funny. My 2 yo nephew stood up on the front row of Sacrament mtg (his dad was in the Bishopric) and yelled, “You killed my father you Son of Bitch! Prepare to die!” That was more along the humiliation lines for his parents though. Who knew Princess Bride was so vulgar?! LOL.

  5. 19

    Susie's Homemade says

    Those darn kids are such a yardstick of our parenting…it’s hard to not be embarassed:-)

  6. 22


    That’s awesome!!! I love it! To me, that’s more funny than embarrassing (of course, this was not my kid). Now, if had involved “parts” of any kind, that would be embarrassing. My daughter announced (fortunately, in our own home) one day that her brother has a penis and she has a “diamond.” SO glad that didn’t happen at preschool!!!

    In the end you’ll have the advantage, though. Start collecting all these stories for prom and rehearsal dinners!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Reflections on motherhood =-.

  7. 24

    Kristen Robinson says

    Completely awesome. Waaaaaay better than mine just kicking, screaming and writhing on the floor like a crazy guy.

  8. 26

    Michelle says

    That sounds like something my son would do. The little buggers! 🙂
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Mean Nasty Rotten Old Witch =-.

  9. 27


    I’m like you, I TOTALLY wish I’d seen that, when someone else’s kid was doing it of course. But see your kiddo qualifies as that for me, so… 😉

    Happy belated Mother’s Day friend! 🙂
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..Right Here, Right Now =-.

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